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Desperate, much?

I am in desperate need of help to translate something into Norwegian. So, are there any Norwegians out there? Got it, thanks!

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And I feel like I'm in a rut, icon-making wise. I seem to remake the same icons over and over (seriously, how many times have I made this icon? Four times? Five?), so I'm taking icon requests. I only ask that you not spoil me for Avatar (past the first two discs of Book 1), FNL (past episode...11, I think) Carnivale and Deadwood. Other than that, anything goes.

Link as many caps/images as you want (I hope it goes without saying that it should be high-quality). I'll make at least one icon per requestee, but I may make more if I'm inspired. If you'd like specific text or specifically want it blank, please mention that in your comment.

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