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Fandom can be awesome. And not.

So, this latest fandom debacle finally got me to read up more on OTW, Collapse )

I finally figured out how to cap on my new computer (I kinda had to figure it out, my old computer was dying by degrees), and it was as simple as using an older version of PowerDVD. So I've done just a tiiiiny bit of capping. More to come, though.

1x17 - The Skull in the Desert

Pushing Daisies
1x04 - Pigeon

In other news, I've been looking around the icon communities, trying to get inspired (which hasn't worked, FYI, my main inspiration right now remains BLUE), and I noticed this meme going around, and I'd love it if you'd participate:

Tell me your Top Ten of my icons.

(You can find the recent ones here. Old icons are in my tags. Feel free to link directly.)