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Oops, I did it again

So, vmpicspam worked out well, but my bandwidth usage is still non-existent, so I created a new picspam comm for ALL fandoms:

Same rules apply here as for the VM comm, hotlink my caps all you want in the comm, but if you're linking to another journal you have to upload caps to your own space. All TV or movie fandoms are allowed. Entries are automatically locked, so you must join the community to see the entries.

ETA: Oh, also, how do you make a text box using html? I have a feeling the code is really simple, but I'll be damned if I can remember it anyway.

I just realized last week that you can move the tabs in the new version of Firefox. Which is great for me because I always have tons of tabs open, and when I want to upload something (without accidentally surfing away) I want the tab to be as far left as possible. So now I just move the tab! Awesome.

I spent a large portion of my day catching up with warning_labels and now I want to watch season 2 of The Office, but it's on loan. Wah! Maybe making some icons will suffice?
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A rose by any other name...

Since I deleted my Rose icon I've been planning on making a new one, but I got distracted. Like, a lot. Let's see, first there was VM, then Buffy, DLM, Buffy again, GG and finally Dawson's Creek. And the thing is, right now I don't have the time to make one, but I don't want to just forget about it, so I thought I'd link screencaps that I might like to make into icons. And hey, if I'm gonna link screencaps I might as well link them as images, right?

Collapse )

Riiiight, so that was the first four episodes. *ahem*

ETA: Doctor Who spoilers in comments.

And if Doctor Who (or Rose) isn't your thing, there's always the Out of Gas picspam from yesterday. But you might wanna think twice about clicking that link, it's huuuuuuge.

And finally, for all V/L fans out there:

Don't forget to leave a comment!
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I should probably whine more, because when I whined about VM not having a comprehensive fic archive, Des took it and ran with it. And now it's open to the public! *glee*

All pairings are welcome, though fics are screened for spelling and grammar. Feel free to join and upload your fic, or read and review fics by others.
Oh, and pimping is always welcome (the graphic is uploaded to my LJ Scrapbook, so feel free to hotlink it =).