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The Monday Blues

I am at work and was suddenly inspired to do a cap game. But being at work means I don't have access to my usual stash of caps I've secreted away for just such an occasion, so instead I went through my scrapbook and looked for old game caps with text in them, and as long as I could remember where it was from, I put it in the game. So this can be both TV and film, ANYTHING GOES.

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Number 6 has not been guessed correctly. Or at all. I know at least some of you watch that show, and it even has a network logo, someone should be able to guess it! But if you can't, or won't, here are the Collapse )
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Answers and caps. Plus bonus poll!

The answers to the cap game lie beneath the cut. However, 22 has still not been correctly guessed, so you can always try your luck.

Yesterday and today I capped three of the movies I used caps of. The albums are linked beneath each cap.

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And since Laura and Clara have basically ruined me for life with their even number/symmetry thing I need to cap one more movie to even out the album count. I have five movies sitting on my desk. But which one should I cap?

Poll #688599 Tell me what to do.

What to cap?

Almost Famous
City of Angels
Ever After
The Truth About Cats and Dogs

And yes, I was feeling mostly sappy and nostalgic yesterday when I got them out. =)
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Name That Character

Okay, so here's the twist-y cap game I thought up yesterday. Instead of naming a show/episode/movie, I want you to name the character. I'll specify the least I'll accept for a correct answer. An example:


Answer: Lillian "Lilly" Kane

"title" should be self-explanatory. "nickname" would be anything that they were called that wasn't their proper name.

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