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The Monday Blues

I am at work and was suddenly inspired to do a cap game. But being at work means I don't have access to my usual stash of caps I've secreted away for just such an occasion, so instead I went through my scrapbook and looked for old game caps with text in them, and as long as I could remember where it was from, I put it in the game. So this can be both TV and film, ANYTHING GOES.

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Before we get started with the festivities of The Friday Cap Game, let's just start by celebrating the fact that LJ finally has a la carte userpics! 210 more icons! Not that I think I'll buy that much, but I'm already constantly having to delete icons, so a few more spaces would be welcome.

And now, let the games begin!

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Better late than never

You guys, I'm so happy I could cry. After over an hour of ripping my hair out fiddling around, I finally figured out how to change this Greasemonkey script so that it doesn't render journal links in ?style=mine, only the .html pages. And now every single link on any LJ page I visit that leads to another LJ page is in ?style=mine. JOY!

(Sorry, Tissa, but I just can't take the constant reloading in the script you uploaded.)

If anyone else wants it, I uploaded it here.

Hey, how about an impromptu movie cap game? These are mostly caps I've excluded from previous games for various reasons.

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