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Two things of utmost importance! (to no one but me)

Item the first: I'm in desperate need of an .flv converter, so if you've got a rec, I'd love hear it! Just about any output format will do, as long as it's standard for VirtualDub, so avi, mpg, wmv. Not Quicktime, though, because that will just cause a whole host of other problems.

Item the second: I've become reobsessed with Minesweeper, but I feel like the game has gotten a lot easier. Easier to open, easier to solve. (But I'm much slower than I used to be. My fastest time on my old computer was 118 seconds. Now it's 173. I think...) I have to know if I'm just imagining things, so a poll!

Minesweeper - easier or not so much?

Still hard as hell
I have no idea what you're talking about, but I must have my TICKY BOX!

Operating system

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Pre-XP Windows

(Most useless poll in the history of LJ polls, Y/Y?)
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I've been reading a lot of fic recently, kind of jumping from one fandom to the next. Here, have a few recs:

The Big Bang Theory

  • The Earth Moved 1,117.7 Miles In Our Kitchen, by rashaka, art by irrel. Like Wonder Woman, Superman, She-Ra and all those characters her geeky friends cherished, Penny knew in one single, glorious moment what she had to do.
    This was the fic that converted me to Penny/Sheldon. Be sure to read the comment!fic, as well, because it was there that it happened, with the knocking (I'm sure you'll realize what I mean when you get to it). That was when I had my breath-studdering, heart-skipping moment.

How I Met Your Mother

  • metal heart, by the_spin. she’s never heard a love story like this one.
    This, along with 'A' Game, is now the fic against which all HIMYM fic is measured. Not a lot holds up to that standard, trust me.

Veronica Mars

  • Fish Out of Water, by dark_roast. Logan opts to leave Neptune, and spend summer vacation with his grandparents.
    A crossover with a fandom I have absolutely zero knowledge of, yet I loved it. The atmosphere was so rich, and the setting was so nonsensical that it couldn't help but make sense.

(And now I'm completely curious if the pingback feature will work. Tissa (sorry, Hildegard Butterfly III) already proved that the rename feature does.)

Speaking of reading, I'm thinking of finally getting myself an eReader. Because I'm not in the States, Kindle and Sony Reader are not options for me, and I'm having a really hard time finding something I REALLY want, so I'm thinking of settling for something cheaper. (I have this gut feeling that the eReader market is about to explode, and I don't want to buy something insanely expensive, only to be unable to afford the next generation readers.)

The three options I have right now are:

  1. Cybook, by Bookeen. This is probably the leader right now, almost entirely because I like the look of it better than the other two contenders.

  2. BeBook. Almost exactly the same features as the above, except it apparently has a patented screen, which I'm guessing makes the reading experience more paper-like.

  3. iLiad Book Edition. This one is almost twice the price of the other two, and it has two major differences (for me, anyway): It has a 16 grayscale screen as opposed to the others' 4 grayscale screens, and you can write on the screen (meaning it can be used for notes, etc). But I don't know if it's worth the price, especially not if there is an explosion in the next few years, like I expect.

Does anyone have any tips? Advice? Recommendations? I want the reader mainly for two things: for buying and reading books, and for compiling, storing and reading fanfic.

In the world of TV, I've watched a lot, but have very little to say.

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I've also finished Brothers & Sisters season 2 (and am acquiring season 3 as I type), am in the middle of NCIS season 3 (and I have the season 4 DVDs all ready to go after that)

Holy crap, I just saw that Castle is premiering on Monday! I'm not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand Naaaaaathan Fiiiiiiillion! On the other hand, the trailer I saw a while back looked hokey and not at all up my alley.
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Hump day? More like down-in-the-dumps day.

Just to show that not all of us are pikers. ;-)

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I was thinking about buying myself a video game system and I'm not sure what to get. In the past I've bought Nintendo systems, but Wii seems to be pretty expensive, not to mention the fact that whenever I look at games, they seem to be more expensive too. And since my brother has an Xbox, I was thinking of getting me one of those. I would imagine they're pretty cheap by now and I can borrow a ton of games from him. Anyone got any advice? Other considerations?

Why is it only Wednesday? I started out thinking Monday was Tuesday, so I was a day ahead of schedule before the week even began. And now it feels like it's been at least a six day work week already. *sigh*

Oh, oh, oh, also? My Firefox is being all weird. It's not saving the settings when I close it, so by now I've had to re-customize the "use small icons" and buttons about five times. Anyone know why this is happening?
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this is my subject line

So, prereleases of the next two Dexter episodes puts me not just barely three episodes behind ("barely" because episode 2x10 aired last night and even if I'd be caught up with the other two, it's not certain that I'd have had time to watch it yet), but FIVE. I don't know why I keep falling behind all the time, I love the show whenever I watch it. Maybe it's that I usually watch stuff on my lunch hour and Dexter just doesn't work for me in the middle of the work day. I usually watch lighter fare, like the Daily Show, Colbert Report (*sniff*) and comedies.

Does anyone else use Google Calendar and Google Documents in conjunction with their gmail? I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to "attach" documents to an item in your calendar, or at least link it to a document in Google Documents, but so far I'm a bit clueless. Is that possible?

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