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I've been reading a lot of fic recently, kind of jumping from one fandom to the next. Here, have a few recs:

The Big Bang Theory

  • The Earth Moved 1,117.7 Miles In Our Kitchen, by rashaka, art by irrel. Like Wonder Woman, Superman, She-Ra and all those characters her geeky friends cherished, Penny knew in one single, glorious moment what she had to do.
    This was the fic that converted me to Penny/Sheldon. Be sure to read the comment!fic, as well, because it was there that it happened, with the knocking (I'm sure you'll realize what I mean when you get to it). That was when I had my breath-studdering, heart-skipping moment.

How I Met Your Mother

  • metal heart, by the_spin. she’s never heard a love story like this one.
    This, along with 'A' Game, is now the fic against which all HIMYM fic is measured. Not a lot holds up to that standard, trust me.

Veronica Mars

  • Fish Out of Water, by dark_roast. Logan opts to leave Neptune, and spend summer vacation with his grandparents.
    A crossover with a fandom I have absolutely zero knowledge of, yet I loved it. The atmosphere was so rich, and the setting was so nonsensical that it couldn't help but make sense.

(And now I'm completely curious if the pingback feature will work. Tissa (sorry, Hildegard Butterfly III) already proved that the rename feature does.)

Speaking of reading, I'm thinking of finally getting myself an eReader. Because I'm not in the States, Kindle and Sony Reader are not options for me, and I'm having a really hard time finding something I REALLY want, so I'm thinking of settling for something cheaper. (I have this gut feeling that the eReader market is about to explode, and I don't want to buy something insanely expensive, only to be unable to afford the next generation readers.)

The three options I have right now are:

  1. Cybook, by Bookeen. This is probably the leader right now, almost entirely because I like the look of it better than the other two contenders.

  2. BeBook. Almost exactly the same features as the above, except it apparently has a patented screen, which I'm guessing makes the reading experience more paper-like.

  3. iLiad Book Edition. This one is almost twice the price of the other two, and it has two major differences (for me, anyway): It has a 16 grayscale screen as opposed to the others' 4 grayscale screens, and you can write on the screen (meaning it can be used for notes, etc). But I don't know if it's worth the price, especially not if there is an explosion in the next few years, like I expect.

Does anyone have any tips? Advice? Recommendations? I want the reader mainly for two things: for buying and reading books, and for compiling, storing and reading fanfic.

In the world of TV, I've watched a lot, but have very little to say.

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I've also finished Brothers & Sisters season 2 (and am acquiring season 3 as I type), am in the middle of NCIS season 3 (and I have the season 4 DVDs all ready to go after that)

Holy crap, I just saw that Castle is premiering on Monday! I'm not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand Naaaaaathan Fiiiiiiillion! On the other hand, the trailer I saw a while back looked hokey and not at all up my alley.
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pros and amateurs

Things that make me a happy camper today:

  • Life Goes On season 1 is coming out on DVD! And only 40 bucks, too. That's cheap.

  • Veronica/Logan/Weevil snark from devilpiglet.

  • My wheat pillow thingy. What the hell happened to my cozy heated apartment? The one people complained felt like a sauna? Don't know, but the wheat pillow makes up for it.

  • The easy-as-pie move of the Wonderfalls gallery. I'm getting tired of all that renaming/converting/reuploading. *goes back to renaming/converting/reuploading*

  • The VM discussion in my last post. Feels good to actually feel in tune with the show and the character again. Now just wait until Wednesday Thursday when I'm thrown another curve ball.

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What is up with VM fic right now? Hardly anything has been posted for ages! I mean, I expected it to die down when the first bout of excitement died down, but I didn't expect it to keel over and die completely.

LJ is being fun again. Yesterday I made comments in various entries and when I went back to check? They were gone. Then I received replies and went to respond to them. Only the replies weren't there. What the hell?! And right now I'm only getting about 2/3 of all comments e-mailed to me, so if you're talking to me somewhere and I'm not responding, that may be the reason.

Since my internet connection disappeared last night (at the same time as it did the night before! Must be maintenance or something. Don't these people know you need your internet connection most at 2 am? They should really schedule those things for 4 or 5 - at least then you can give up and go to bed) I watched the pilot of Prison Break, which finally finished. Collapse )