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Happy May 1st, all you non-working workers all over the world (so, everyone not in the US)!

You know, I'm a bit wary about watching last night's TWW. That does not mean I don't want to see it at all. Gah! Could the torrent just show up already?!

In other news, I'm starting to take down my caps from Photobucket. So far I've only done some movies and a couple of TV shows, but since I'm not renewing my premium account I have to delete stuff if I want to control what'll be left up after it reverts to free status. I'd prefer not having to reupload icons and re-code icon posts. In fact, I probably wouldn't, because I'm lazy like that.

Yesterday I watched The White House Correspondents Dinner. Right now I'm in the process of obtaining last night's 60 Minutes, and it's all because Stephen Colbert owns my soul. You know you're too far gone already when you find his little, and not-so-little, mistakes endearing instead of a bit embarrassing (like I did at first).

Remember a couple months ago I posted about vm-caps reaching half a million views? Well, it's rapidly closing in on a million, even as we speak. Meep! That was fast.

awmp is hosting a Spuffy ficathon snarkfest over in her journal. If you're a fic writer in the Spuffy way and enjoy snark you should totally check it out.

And that's the word. =)