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If anyone has any advice about eReaders, I'd love to hear it.

I wasted the entire day playing around with Mobipocket Reader and Creator, because no matter what, that'll probably be the platform I'll be using. And the best part is, of course, Collapse )

Oh, also:

Because seriously, how can she be losing in the first round?! Even if it is to the Doctor. I mean, HELLO, it's Aeryn! Vote! But not if you're going to vote for the Doctor.
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I'm a moron, how are you?

Man, I am such a doofus. I knew that the Long Way Down DVDs had already shipped, since I got my shipping notice yesterday, and yet I still didn't think to check the torrent sites until just now. Turns out I could have downloaded the final episode yesterday morning. Go me!

The only productive things I've done this weekend has been putting up my Christmas decorations, baking cinnamon buns yesterday (I only wanted, like, two, so now I have to find someone to pawn them off on), making lasagne today and then doing a bit of work this afternoon. Other than that? All fic, all the time. Man, I've been bitten by the fic bug again, and this is NOT GOOD. Especially since I kinda need to read Northern Lights (or is it The Northern Lights?) before the movie premieres here (whenever that is) and am soon embarking on my Year of Reading thing. I'm hoping that by indulging right now I'll be getting it out of my system before the new year. Yeah RIGHT.

On a final note, I'm going to be buying a new copy of season 2 of The West Wing (I want the anamorphic widescreen instead of the full screen version I have right now), and since my season 1 and 2 DVDs are a set I figured I'd find season 1 cheap somewhere too, so is there anyone who wants my copies of the first two seasons? They're region 2, and I'd prefer it if they go to someone who hasn't seen the show and would like to try it, but if no newbie speaks up, a big fan of the first two seasons is also acceptable. *g* Just to be clear, I'm not asking you to buy them, I'll send them free of charge anywhere in Europe (though I might not get them shipped before Christmas).
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books and words

So, I just finished something I had to have done by tomorrow morning, and even though I have to be up in about five hours I'm too wired to go to sleep. Figured I'd wait up for the TAR torrent while I was at it. I mean, at this point, why not?

It was a script for an instructional DVD that has taken me the better part of the weekend to translate, but at least it got me caught up on my movie watching. Since Friday - when I started - I've watched six movies. And I think I could even pick the plots of those movies out of a line-up if I had to. I did elect to only watch those movies I only had a passing interest in since I'd be working while watching, so I've seen nothing I'd recommend.

I've also spent an obscene amount of time (considering I should have been working) reading J/D fics. Today I started on this AU season 8 and it's making me miss the show something fierce. Even though I'm in the middle of a rewatch, go figure.

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I haven't signed the petition yet, because if I pledge to do this, I want it to actually be a positive thing, and I'm not so sure it is.

First of all, I buy A LOT of DVDs, so pledging not to, especially at a time when there's nothing else to watch would be a big thing for me. Especially since I'd probably be sacrificing my download ratio at my torrent site of choice and then still be buying the DVDs when the strike is over.

However, I would not hesitate to do this if I knew this was actually a good thing for the writers. But is it? My concerns are twofold:

  1. Will the writers' residuals from DVDs be retroactive so that they'll get more per DVD sold after the deal is struck, no matter when it was written, or will they only get more for what they write after the deal?

  2. Since the writers' only source of income at this point is the residuals, will they really thank us for depriving them of it by not buying the DVDs? I mean, if they won't be getting more money retroactively, I'd say we were doing them a disservice (while, yes, screwing The Man at the same time, but how big a factor is that really for them if they can't pay their rent or eat?), and if not, they might think those very real 4 cents are better now than a potential 8 cents at some point in the future.

However, joining wga_supporters and adding the interest "i support the strike" can't ever be wrong, can it?

I've been both watching The West Wing and reading some fic, and the layout of the the White House has been driving me CRAZY. Please tell me that some enterprising young fan has made floor plans, complete with screencaps and stuff.

One thing that really throws me is the fanon that C.J.'s office and Josh's office are connected. Huh? They're on opposite sides of the bullpen, right? But where does the second door in Josh's office lead? And where exactly is the writing staff located, in relation to the other offices? Where the heck is the Roosevelt room? And the situation room is downstairs, but where exactly? These, and many more questions, need to be answered pronto. Before I start trying to suss it all out myself. And I SUCK at that sort of stuff.

Related to my fic reading, but in no way disconnected from real world concerns, where do people get the idea that saying "I'm not a feminist" is a good thing? Do people really think that I, or any women in their right minds, want to hear that they don't advocate equal rights for us? Just because they have some distorted idea of what feminism is, that doesn't mean that it's not a matter of just that: equality. Just... URGH!
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Du tysta, du glädjerika sköna...

I'm probably an anomaly among fic readers because I love WIPs. Love them to death! Updated every day, slow in coming, or stopped altogether - it doesn't matter. So, fic WIP recs under the cut. Mostly Spike/Buffy, because there tend not to be a lot of really good, plotty WIPs in the VM fandom. Which is a real shame, in my opinion.

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ETA: Just remembered that I meant to pimp oxoniensis' Porn Battle. You can never go wrong with porn. Fact.
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Stuff. And things.

Signs fandom has ruined me for life #415875333:

An item pops up on my BBC News news feed. Cruise halted in Channel by blaze. My first thought, honest to god: "What is Tom Cruise doing in the middle of the English Channel, I thought he was in Florida?" Follow-up thought: "At least they got the blaze part right."

I was capping the pilot of The Office earlier today Collapse )

And finally: Who torrent!
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Passing time...

I'm bored, waiting for a client to call me back. Tell me, why is that it's always the shortest, least interesting translations that I get stuck working on for hours upon end because filmmakers are such control freaks? Aaaand I think just I answered my own question.

TWW 7x01 is ten minutes from completion and then I'll burn it and Hex 2x02 and settle down to watch before dealing with the real work I have to do. You know, the one that doesn't involve me waiting for a phone call for ages.

This weekend I rewatched Pride and Prejudice. Well, I tried, but the first disc was all scratched up and unwatchable on both my DVD players so I moved on to disc two. But then I remembered that I have another DVD player on the computer, so I popped it in last night and finally got to see it all. Only in reverse since I'd already seen the second half.

Anyway, since I felt I didn't get my fill by just watching one disc earlier in the weekend I had to go looking for fanfic. At first I was wondering if there even was any, considering I couldn't find a category at Fanfiction.net, but then I Googled it and the answer is a resounding "Hell yeah there's P&P fanfic!" crack_van even had it featured one month. The most bizarre discovery? Darcy/Wickham slash. *shudder*


Client called. All done. Transferring episodes for burning as we speak. *g*
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I post, therefore I am

I've spent the day watching BBC World and their coverage of the bombings in London in between bouts of work. Well, except for the two hour period when the entire street experienced a blackout! When we lived in Florida we had blackouts constantly, but I can't tell you how uncommon they are here. In the past fifteen years I can remember three and two of them have occured since I moved to this apartment three years ago. Collapse )

luna_k pointed out a site a few days ago that is the answer to my prayers. You know, if I actually prayed. I've been wondering for ages why no one has set up a site like this. It's a bookmarking site, so that you can reach your bookmarks as long as you have Internet access (and why else would you need your bookmarks?).

It's called del.icio.us, which is a rather poorly chosen name since I can't for the life of me remember it, but if it's the only address I ever have to remember it'll be worth pounding it into my skull.

In order to sort your memorized sites you use tags (so everyone who's using them on LJ has a distinct advantage). Unfortunately they're space separated, not comma separated, so categories aren't as specific. But since you can search your tags it's still good.

I started by trying to save some of my own posts and VM fic posts and sites. Which brings me to my rant-o-the-day!


Specifically, commas when you're addressing a person.

From here:

4. Use a comma to set off parenthetical elements...

An addressed person's name is also always parenthetical.

Put those two statements together and ta-da! Always use a comma when a person is addressed.

This is one of my pet peeves and the problem is that even the best fanfic writers make that mistake. It always always ALWAYS ruins the flow of a sentence for me when there is no comma before a person's name when there should be one. Even when I know what the writer means it ruins it because it pisses me off that it's not there.

Consider these two sentences:

"I love Logan, but not you."

"I love, Logan, but not you."

See the difference? In the first, Veronica (yes, it's Veronica saying it!) is addressing someone else. Perhaps it's Casey? In the second, Veronica is addressing Logan, but she loves someone other than him (most definitely Casey. *g*). There is always a possibility for that difference to exist when a person is addressed in a fic. Sometimes it's obvious what the meaning of the sentence is, but that doesn't mean that the comma can just be discarded.

It's a rule. Learn it, love it, use it!