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Troy is the only thing keeping me from Hulk smashing right now

Hart Hanson retweeted this earlier:

Oh look, is that an Unfollow button I see?

Being annoyed with 'shippers is one thing. Being annoyed with 'shippers when you constantly tease the 'ship and then pull the rug out from the viewers for six long years, and oh yeah, are too chicken shit to write an actual romantic arc because you're convinced it'll get your show canceled, that''s something completely different. DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Fuck you, show-runners-in-general-and-Hart-Hanson-in-particular, you suck.

(I think it says a lot about my Twitter inconstancy that I quit watching Bones a few episodes into this season and I still hadn't removed him from my feed.)

In conclusion:

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Oh Buffy...

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Fandom Steel Cage Match is giving me ulcers, even just in the prelims. And it seems like I've become disproportionally invested in races where I don't even watch the show! (GO, CHLOE, GO! Don't let those sockpuppet journals beat you!). And so many others are so close that I'll be biting my nails until typicrobots closes the poll.

I'm also pretty heavily invested in the Sci-Fi side of things, with at least three out of my dream!dream final four coming from that bracket. But in the real world, my dream final four would probably be Aeryn, Lorelai Gilmore, Chandler and Pacey duking it out. Or Buffy, Bones, Jon Stewart and Pacey. (Because no one beats Pacey in the Teen bracket, I've decided. Right now. Talk to me in an hour and I might be telling a different story.)

ETA: Changed my Castiel vote to Sam. Sam's never going to be the powerhouse that Dean is and at least there's a chance that he could overtake Dean, right? If everyone who voted for Castiel as the NOT!Dean choice switched?
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Sorry, I can't NOT do this.

You guys, how is is that we're only at the prelim stage and I'm already THIS INVESTED? It's insane how much I want this year not to be the same old contest. IT'S THE YEAR OF THE WOMAN, DAMMIT!

And in order to accomplish this, we apparently need to start by voting for an angel? Because otherwise Team Dean will steamroll over everything in this competition, I'm sure of it! So if you're interested in not seeing the same contest as last year, VOTE FOR CASTIEL (or change your vote to Castiel).

I'm doing my part to make this The Year of the Woman (DAMMIT!) So far, I've changed my votes in the Doctor Who category (Rose to Donna), the FNL category (Tyra to Tami), The IASiP category (Charlie to Dee). Other key votes include Buffy in BtVS, Scully in The X-Files, Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies and Brennan in Bones.


You can vote (or change your vote) here:

drama | comedy | sci-fi/fantasy | teen
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just when you think you have nothing to post about...

...along comes something that will guarantee at least a couple of posts over the coming weeks.

Rest assured, I will, at some point, be begging for votes for my Lost Cause of the Day ™.

A few days ago, I started a new comm. I'd been toying with the idea of having someplace to post miscellaneous caps for a while now, but I didn't know in what venue/format. Finally I decided that since it's just for me anyway, I'd just create a comm and keep everything on LJ, so I did:


No specific theme or fandom, just caps I like. Or characters I like. Or 'ships I like. Basically, things I'd like to see show up on my flist on a daily basis.
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Oh captain, my captain...


Also, I changed my vote from Spike to Lorelai after a lot of soul-searching. Not because I love her more, but because I want a girl to at least have a shot at the final two (and I don't think Veronica does). It's looking pretty hopeless right now, though.

How is it that the Drama Bracket is so boring? It's like voting for the lesser of Who Cares?

I wish I had something else to post about, but this is pretty much what my life consists of right now. This and work. Woohoo, party!
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If anyone has any advice about eReaders, I'd love to hear it.

I wasted the entire day playing around with Mobipocket Reader and Creator, because no matter what, that'll probably be the platform I'll be using. And the best part is, of course, Collapse )

Oh, also:

Because seriously, how can she be losing in the first round?! Even if it is to the Doctor. I mean, HELLO, it's Aeryn! Vote! But not if you're going to vote for the Doctor.