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Fandom can be awesome. And not.

So, this latest fandom debacle finally got me to read up more on OTW, Collapse )

I finally figured out how to cap on my new computer (I kinda had to figure it out, my old computer was dying by degrees), and it was as simple as using an older version of PowerDVD. So I've done just a tiiiiny bit of capping. More to come, though.

1x17 - The Skull in the Desert

Pushing Daisies
1x04 - Pigeon

In other news, I've been looking around the icon communities, trying to get inspired (which hasn't worked, FYI, my main inspiration right now remains BLUE), and I noticed this meme going around, and I'd love it if you'd participate:

Tell me your Top Ten of my icons.

(You can find the recent ones here. Old icons are in my tags. Feel free to link directly.)
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Jems' Law?

I think we need a new fandom law, akin to Godwin's Law, that states that anyone who posts any variation of "get a life" in a fandom-related forum automatically loses the argument. Who's with me?

I'm translating a movie right now, and I really wish that when they give me these kinds of assignments, and then shave five days off my deadline, they could at least mention that there's a lot of Danish in the movie. I hate translating Danish because it's too similar not to recognize, but different enough that I can never be completely sure of a correct translation. Fortunately, I have a Swedish translation to base it on, but I still don't appreciate the extra work so close to the deadline.

Got another DVD set in the mail. When I got the notice to pick it up I figured it would be season 7 of The West Wing, but it was My Name is Earl. I already watched the bloopers (because that's what I do) and I have to say that of the four DVD sets I've gotten this month, they're second only to Arrested Development's (sorry, but nothing can beat Jason's "fluffer" line). And they were even longer than the Office bloopers - 20 minutes.

Also, Victor Hammer needs to come back to VM because I miss the pretty. I didn't realize just how much until I saw DVD quality MNiE episodes.

I'm thinking of blowing off work for the rest of the day (despite the encroaching deadline) and capping the Office season finale, an episode of VM and possibly BSG's "Downloaded".

Should I?

Yes, but obviously you should be capping [insert fandom here] instead.
You suck, I only just got to work.
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'Tis the season to be kerfuffling

Can you tell fandom is getting bored? If you can't, you're probably not a part of the Buffy, VM or Office fandoms.

Since the Buffy thing seems to be mainly one guy not wanting others to have, you know, opinions, I've talked about KB's latest remarks elsewhere and read TWoP (TWoP, for crying out loud!) for the latest in Office fandom stupidity, I thought I'd throw a couple more logs on the fire with my own, most likely, unpopular opinions.

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Random thoughts

  • Both my sites are inaccessible right now because of a "power outtage". And you know that extra disc space? Gone. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • Ever go to someone's icon page and think that each individual icon has some merit, but together they just look like ass? Like the user has terrible taste? Because that just happened to me.

  • I always wonder why more iconmakers don't upload their icons to their Scrapbook album, like I've started doing. Seriously, it's the perfect solution to those hotlinking problems (you can't hotlink from any other place except LJ, and even if someone does get around it, the extra bandwidth doesn't cost you anything) and it's free (with a paid account, but I'm betting if you're making icons you've got at least one paid account around here somewhere). And no one ever has to have a stupid friendslocked icon community again.

  • Anyone else get randomly logged out of LJ about an hour ago or was that just me?

  • I was linking someone to my favorite VM posts (VM vs BtVS! VM vs TWW! Alpacka!) earlier and experienced fullblown nostalgia. And hellopoe's Logan picspams aren't helping at all.

  • Today I had to go through hundreds of posts at cap_it to find the DVD caps from Popular that I know I saw there at one point. And that's why that place needs tags.

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Uploads, rant and the requisite TV watching

Okay, I've done my part and uploaded all the Veronica Mars episodes. I'm re-uploading episode 1 because that's what most newbies will be looking for, and the SVCD of episode 12. After that I'm done. The point of the community is not really for one person to do all the uploading so if you download an episode and have the capacity to "pay it forward" by uploading it yourself, then please do so.

I'm really tired of certain parts of fandom right now. Parts that I'm not really a part of, so I don't know why I punish myself by clicking links I really shouldn't be clicking. Collapse )

That actually felt good to get off my chest. And I'm sure to regret it in the morning. Or as soon as I press Post.

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