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The eagle has landed!

"Eagle" of course meaning the VM season 2 DVDs.

And I've capped the gag reel. I looove gag reels, so I'm thrilled we got one. It wasn't a laugh riot, but it had some funny moments. I actually think my favorites were in the portion that had no sound. Well, you know, as far as gag reel material goes. Collapse )

One final note for hellopoe: JP made the insert! Collapse )
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Dear Jennifer,

Your order which includes the following item(s):

DVD / Veronica Mars - Complete Second Season 1 pcs. SEK 468,99

...will be shipped within the next 12 hours. Depending on stock status, it will be shipped from either Germany, Holland or Denmark.

  • I got Extras s1, the next volume of Doctor Who s2 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

  • I went to see Dead Man's Chest.

  • Despite the heavy workload right now, I'm loving the subject matter (which would be the history of Sweden. Right now it's a series about the witch hunts of the 17th century, but there's also another series about a Templar Knight).

  • I bought a new calendar for my Filofax. I love anything that will help me organize.

  • I have pie, ice cream and yesterday's TDS and TCR cued up.

It's a good day.

ETA: From lapses - VM s2 DVDs extended V/L scene. Make that an awesome day.
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I'm stressed out.

My mother's in the hospital emergency room for the second time in 24 hours because she's had a fever for over a week and it's just not going down. Apparently her blood pressure was really low and her white blood cell count was sky high last night so they told her to return if her fever got any higher. Which it did today while I was visiting to see how she was. The most worrying aspect is that no one knows what's wrong. So far they've tried three different kinds of penicillin to no avail. (My father just called. They're keeping her overnight until her fever has gone down and are giving her penicillin intraveneously. Again.)

I have a boatload of work to do with a deadline next Wednesday, but I can't do much about it because I don't have any video files. They were supposed to arrive yesterday. I have other work I could, and should, get done in the meantime, but I'm unable to concentrate. So instead I'm watching Project Runway and making icons.

Speaking of which, I can't wait for the VM s2 DVDs to arrive (should be in 2-3 weeks). Other people are all "I'm not buying that crappy season on DVD". Meanwhile, I'm over here drooling at the though of DVD caps of certain scenes. But before VM, I'll be getting Volume 4 of Doctor Who season 2, so I should probably cap that last episode of Volume 3 before then. Maybe later, if I can't muster up the strength to do some work.
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Faaaabulous, darling!

A day of fabulousness...

Also, I got tired of talking about rewatching Felicity and never getting around to it because the DVDs are apparently never going to be on sale, so I set about "obtaining" the episodes in another way. I started with season 2, and DUDE! Average speed: 143 kB/s. Right now: 198 kB/s. I do adore my Internet connection.
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Fandoms 'R' Us

New Veronica Mars DVD cover art. Thank you, lords (of Kobol)! Still not my dream cover (I started thinking about it and I'd kinda like a one-tone box, maybe pink or black for the first season, with just a small picture of the Murder Victim of the Season on it. Then they could keep up the same theme but have different colors for each season. What can I say, I like simple), but much better than that other monstrosity. (Thanks for the link, sarkastic!)

Am excited for BSG tonight and I'm hoping we'll see more of Caprica this episode. Or at least some.

Was reading a discussion on Gilmore Girls in Tracy's fandom post that I mentioned in yesterday's post Collapse )

I haven't actually watched much of Hell's Kitchen, but I downloaded the two-part finale and I think I'm going to watch it now.
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! & caps.

I just pre-ordered Veronica Mars season 1! And for the first time ever I got faster-than-standard shipping. Only three months left. *starts counting down*

I also finished capping Firefly! I haven't finished uploading Trash to PB yet (and I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with it since I love the episode, love YoSaffBridge, love everyone and it was the last episode. I ended up with almost a thousand caps. Oops.), but all the zips are up.

Firefly 1x09 Ariel (191 MB)
Firefly 1x10 War Stories (194 MB)
Firefly 1x11 Trash (290 MB)

Doctor Who 2005 1x01 Rose (133 MB)

Elizabeth (I had no clue that Christopher Eccleston was in this. 126 MB)
Good Will Hunting (For Tracy. 139 MB)

Right-click/save. Comment if you download. Available on Photobucket, except for Trash, of course. *quickly goes to update caps post*