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taking care of business

First order of business: I have one Dreamwidth invite if anyone's interested. Please include your email address in the comment. Taken! But if you're interested in any future invite codes I get, you can still comment and I'll put you on the list.

Second order of business: I haven't watched last night's HIMYM yet, and I think it's because I don't want to spoil my T: TSCC high (which makes no sense, because I've watched plenty of episodes today at work, but I can't help it - my brain sorts TV into two very distinct categories: Work and Non-Work). I watched the last two episodes last night Collapse )

Third order of business: AmazonFail seems to have worked itself out, and my bet is that the "glitch" is explained here. So, not a homophobic company policy, but company who allows some dimwit (or committee of dimwits) who is homophobic (or at the very least, very, very ignorant) to influence their policy.

But yay for me, because now I can order season one of T: TSCC! =)
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Made of Fail and Win

First of all: Amazon Rank (from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books).

Secondly, remember how I pre-ordered Pushing Daisies season 2? Well, I canceled it, and told Amazon that I would buy it from their rival Play.com, along with everything else I usually would have bought from them until they fix this. But from the way this shitstorm has snowballed since I first heard about it, I'm thinking I'll just end up reordering it from Amazon, because I can't imagine they can keep this policy in place now.

I spent the last few days cleaning my apartment (taking stuff to the recycling center, tackling the balcony, buying new plants, etc), so today I took some time off. Which naturally led to watching more Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (I am completely smitten. Still).

But in an effort to not run out of episodes before noon (I only had four or five left this morning), I went back to Super Mario Galaxy, where I'd been stuck for a while. And because of my determination not to run out of episodes, I've now added 15 more stars, and I still have the last two episodes of T:TSCC to watch. I had meant to watch them tonight, but I got all caught up in link-hopping and now I still have episodes saved for tomorrow! Yay!

In all the Amazon excitement, I almost forgot the reason I had intended to post today: I got myself a Dreamwidth account! And for once I managed to snag my user name without underscores! I managed to import most of it okay, but the comment import was aborted on the first try, and when I tried it again, it imported them twice. Eeek! Weirdly, the comment count in my journal is correct, but in my user info I have twice the number of comments, and there are duplicate comments on every entry. Oh well.

If you've got an account, let me know!