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Delurkers R Us

I had planned to do this post when I reached 700 "friend-ofs", but I think you're all conspiring against me because as soon as I'm friended, someone defriends me. =)

  1. Which of your icons is your favorite right now?

  2. Do you have a pet? (Bonus if you have pictures!)

  3. What fandoms are you a part of, and what shows/movies/books/whathaveyou do you enjoy but don't feel the need to get involved in the fandom?

  4. What is the best new movie you've seen (so far) this year?

  5. What part of your job or studies do you enjoy the most?

  6. What site(s) do you visit daily/every time you log on?

  7. What is your favorite recipe? (This can range from the most complicated of dishes to "buy a quart of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream, remove lid, grab spoon, dig in.")

  8. What are the bad habits of others that annoy you?

  9. Are you addicted to anything right now?

  10. Baths or showers?

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