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The season of giving

You guys are impossible to shop for, but I think I found something you'll all enjoy:

Merry Christmas, flist!

(In case you're wondering what the heck I'm on about, I adopted a polar bear through WWF for you all.)

Between the polar bear and my permanent account charitable donation going to the Snow Leopard Trust I started feeling guilty about neglecting my fellow human beings, so I also joined Amnesty International and made a couple of more loans at Kiva.org.

The more I loan through Kiva, the more I like it. And today I discovered lending teams, which I think is an awesome idea. You don't lend as a team, but your individual loans can go towards any of the teams you're a member of. At first I was disappointed that there was no LiveJournal team, but then I found the Fandom! team, which is even better! (And now I'm completely curious about who the members are.) If you're a Kiva lender, you should totally join.

And if you're not a Kiva lender, what are you waiting for? The best part about it is that you can make the same money help a bunch of different people since you get it back, it's only a loan. And if you're tired of lending, or if you need money, just withdraw the funds instead.