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Fall TV Newbies

Let's just skip right over the fact that I haven't posted in months even though I've been here all along. What can I say, I just haven't had much to say that couldn't fit into 140 characters or less (i.e. I've been posting on Twitter, at least for the past month).

As per usual, I'll be trying a ton of shows once fall premieres start rolling around (I feel it's always best to try out a lot of shows since they rarely stick around for very long. Sure, I'm still watching a bunch of shows from last season - Orphan Black, Elementary, Chicago Fire, The Mindy Project, Veep, The Americans, Nashville - but only three shows from the year before - Homeland, Scandal and New Girl). Here's how it all breaks down:

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I also capped Iron Man 3 (Blu-ray)
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Copyright conundrum

I just got an email from a guy (interestingly enough also from Sweden), who wanted to use one of my screencaps at a site that prints images on canvases. The site wants reassurances that the image isn't copyrighted and I'm not exactly sure what the deal is.

My thinking on it is this:

The screencaps are actually copyrighted material, but since I'm not making money at it (it actually costs me money) and since I'm not depriving the production company of income, they have no interest in pursuing legal action and turn a blind eye to the whole practice of screencapping.

HOWEVER, if a screencap is used in the way this person mentions (uploaded to a site and printed on canvas, which is then sold for a profit), it will be an infringement of copyright that deprives the production company of income and they may very well sue the printing company over it.

Would that be a reasonable way of thinking about it? Also, if that's the case, how does one go about making those types of one-of-a-kind art that are an infringement of copyright, but that can't be obtained easily through legal means? Can one approach the production company? Are there images (stills and promotonal images) that are devoid of copyright? Enquiring minds want to know!

(Enquiring minds also wants to know what site this guy is using, because I may be interested in some of those canvas pictures myself. Just not interested in paying shipping costs from the States.)
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I dropped off the face of the earth (again) because as soon as the US television season ended, I became reobsessed with kdramas. I have a feeling this may become a regular thing for me. Summer=drama!time, that's just how it'll be from now on.

I've rewatched a few dramas (just this weekend I rewatched Coffee Prince. LOVE. Like, every time I rewatch it - and it's been a few times! - I feel like I love it more than the previous time. This rewatch I didn't even FF through Secondary Couple Issues I Don't Care All That Much About.), but I'm mainly watching shows that are airing currently. In order of obsession:

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As for the US finales, here are a few quick reactions:

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  • I've capped quite a few more Good Wife episodes - I'm now up to episode 16.

  • I'm still capping Farscape season 1 as I rewatch, but I've been stalled on episode 11 for a while.

  • And I finally got my Cougar Town season 1 DVDs, so I capped/rewatched the first few episodes. Honestly, now that I love the characters so much, even the early episodes are tolerable.

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All the News That's Fit to Print

I'm going on vacation in a month! Which is why I've been been on a buying spree for all the things I've been meaning to buy so that I can take it with me. So far I bought a camera (a Nikon Coolpix - purple), a new eReader (I've been getting annoyed with the format limitations of my old one, and the BeBook Club is pretty damn cheap as eReaders go), an mp3 player and a bunch of clothes. Now I just need a suitcase to put it all in and I'm golden.

I'm keeping up with my capping amazingly well so far this year. Right after my previous post I watched Sherlock, so I capped that. And I've been inching along with my Good Wife, Fringe and Farscape rewatches, capping all the while. This weekend I got a craving for Terminator: TSCC, so I resumed capping that. And I finally got my Downton Abbey DVDs, so the first three episodes are done and done! Oh, and I'm sure I got some Community episodes squeezed in there, but linking that would require me going to another gallery so...

I have lots and lots of TV to watch every week, and I'm doing pretty damn well keeping up for a sweeps month (or is March a sweeps month? Or was that only last year? I'M SO CONFUSED. Oh wait, it was special last year, right? Because of the switch-over to digital. Or something...)

Reality shows first:

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Now dramas:

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I started watching Fairly Legal, which I'm enjoying because it gets Sarah Shahi back on my TV screen. It's fun and bubbly and nothing to get all worked up about. Also, Leo is the best!

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And last but not least: Comedies

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I know that Leslie Knope hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning Fandom March Madness, but man, I really want her to, because she is just FLAWLESS. I love her to death and I want everyone else to.

But I'll settle for Troy Barnes winning the whole thing. Which I don't believe he will. My flist makes his inevitable triumph seem like a sure thing, and if my flist was the only one voting, I'm sure he'd win with little to no problem. But I doubt fandom at large is as awesome as my flist and I'm sure House or someone equally non-worthy will once again - inexplicably! - make it the final four. But we're going to give him a run for his money, of that I'm pretty sure!

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(no subject)

I haven't posted in over a month and the sad thing is that I still don't feel like I have anything to post about. But I'm going to give it a try nonetheless, because this is getting ridiculous.

My Year in Entertainment
I'm trying for the 100 / 100 / 100 trifecta this year. That is: 100 movies watched, a 100 television seasons completed, 100 books read. I'm totally counting rereads/rewatches or I'd never make it in a million years. So far I'm doing pretty good on the books and movies front (13 books read, 9 movies watched), but the TV seasons category is probably not going to start paying serious dividends until all the May season finales.

Last year I tried to get back into capping, and I must say, it's paying off this year. Over my holiday/Christmas I capped the first discs of three of my DVD sets:

And I also started my Farscape rewatch (now stalled) by capping the first six episodes of season 1.

I Shop, Therefore I Am
I've been spending TONS of money this month. Most of it came from Christmas/birthday money, so it's not too bad (my favorite purchase was a Global chef's knife. Cost me my parents a fortune, but soooo worth it. Damn, but a good knife will just make your day when you're cooking), except that last night at three am I went on a spending spree at various online clothes stores. Collapse )

I Watch TV, Therefore I Am
At least, that's how it used to be, but while I'm liking a lot of stuff, I'm obsessive about nothing right now. The closest I get is Fringe, but it's been so long since we've had a new episode that it's not at the forefront of my mind at the moment.

Recently, I have watched:

So that's the state of me. I'll try not to crawl into a hole for another month. If I could only find the inspiration to picspam...
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Meme on a Saturday afternoon

Stolen from cal_turner:

List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it. Let's see who has what!

21 Jump Street (seasons 1-3)
30 Rock (season 1)
4400, The (season 1)

Collapse )

Also, I just finished Being Human, and I started capping as I watched with the second episode, so here are those caps if anyone's interested.

I upgraded to Firefox 3.6 the other day, and I love the personas thing. Right now I'm using the Windows 7 one because I love the colors, but I'll probably switch it before too long to something else.
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Shows no one cares about

For the past week or so, I've immersed myself in two shows:

På spåret, a Swedish game show/geography quiz that I recently discovered is available online. And that is the only way I will ever watch a Swedish show (though this is pretty much the only one I'll ever make an effort to watch), because even if someone reminds me 15 minutes before a show starts, I will inevitably forget about it. I think my brain has been rewired to not think of schedules when it comes to TV, so I just can't keep to it.

Hoarders. You know, I used to think I had hoarding tendencies (just take a look at my DVDs), but watching this show makes me realize Collapse )

My capping continues apace. I capped The Proposal the other day. And I finished Parks and Recreation season 1. Now onward to season 2! (Watching, not capping.)
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The cone of silence is no more

Sometimes I amuse myself by trying to pare down my user pics to 15 (the dreaded plus account number!). I rarely make it, though. Collapse )

The last few of episodes of Better Off Ted have been awesome! Is anyone else watching? Because I think it's pretty much up there with Community as my favorite comedy this year. Collapse )

Let's see, what else? My New Year's resolution was to cap more. I set a goal of 10 TV episodes and 1 movie a month. Right now, I'm already working on February's TV caps. All thanks to discovering the new VLC player and its shiny frame-by-frame function.

I'm keeping track of what I cap on my Listography. In a nutshell we've got:

[Capping Life has made me realize that season 1 Dani Reese is one of my favorite characters ever. It hurts my heart to think how apathetic I grew towards her in season 2. *sigh*]

If you've got requests, have at it! I also have a Listography list of what I'm planning to cap, so you can check there to see if I'm already way ahead of you.

I've been pretty quiet lately, mainly due to working, on average, 12 hours a day for the past few weeks (except for public holidays, when I've barely had the energy to get out of bed). Hopefully, my work load will be alleviated come Monday, and I can go back to...being pretty quiet anyway. Heh.