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Since I last posted, I've had a week off, so, naturally, I've been watching tons of TV.

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I also managed to cap the first two episodes of Pushing Daisies. Well, the first two and a HALF episodes, but I have to actually finish the third one before I can upload the caps.

1x01 - Pie-Lette
1x02 - Dummy

*loves on DVD caps*
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Also, the weather is gorgeous, I just went miniature golfing with some friends (and won!), tomorrow I'm having a get-together with my co-workers (which is actually a lot of fun when you hardly ever see them) and Friday is a national holiday.

Huh. 2008. Being happy. I never would have thought to put those two things together. ;-)

Also, I've halfheartedly started on another picspam, this time with John & Aeryn kissing. Collapse )

One of these days, I really need to finish all those picspams I've been working on. I've got about five that are in various stages of completion. The next installment of the Aeryn picspam is almost finished, but I Just. Can't. Finish. It. I have to clue why.
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See a scent, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.

I'm on scent overload!

First of all, I got my BPAL package today. I smelled all of them, but boy, they're really pungent in the vial. So today I started out by trying Tempest. I really like it! And the longer I have it on, the better it seems to smell. It's not really my kind of scent, but it completely reminds me of something my mother would wear (not in a bad way, just that it resembles a lot of the scents she wears), and I might have her try it, see if she likes it.

One thing, though: I got an extra six-pack of imps. Is this common? I mean, great and all, but if I got someone else's imps, I'll want to contact them and see to it that the original orderer gets her (his?) scents.

I also got an order from Etsy. Pegasussoaps, to be exact. It's the first shop I've bought things from that didn't come pre-recommended, but man, I'm in love with some of the stuff I bought! My favorite thing about the shop is that you get to pick your own scent (from a loooong list) for a number of different products. My favorites of the ones I bought are the Watermelon and Butter Cream Shea Butter Lotions. Next time (because there will most DEFINITELY be a next time!) I think I'll try the sample sizes of Pumpkin Vanilla, Spearmint, Green Apple, Caramel and White Tea & Ginger. And buy some more of the Watermelon in full-size bottles to give away (and some to keep), because YUM!

I also tried some deodorants (also sample sizes), because why not? I can never find anything I really love in shops and if you get to pick your own scent, sign me up. Both scents I chose (cotton clean and violet) seem to be okay, but they don't wow me. I'll have to try again on those, I think. Maybe one of the essential oils, like grapefruit or lemon... Gingergrass?

GudonyaTOO also has a deodorant stick where you can pick your own scent. Since I really liked their Whipped Clean Body Washes, I think I'll try the Spa Fusion (cooling greens, invigorating ginger and thirst-quenching melons), which sounds right up my alley.

In fandom news, I already miss having TV to watch, and I'm hoping the leaked pilots start arriving early this year because I'm not sure how long I'll last otherwise. I just saw the Fringe trailer and I'm simultaneously going "JOSHUA JACKSON" at the top of my [internal] voice and grumbling "@$!/%#!JJAbrams @$!/%#! ..." (It's become its own dirty word).