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This just in!

Joss himself has proclaimed it (and thus it must be so): Despite what we've all believed lo these many months Veronica Mars isn't Buffy (bemoans loss of Duncan=Angel theory), it's Harry Potter! So therefore I must ask my flist to hook me up with a link to the character by character comparison with the Potterverse. C'mon, it's been a day! Someone must have written a comprehensive list by now! /sarcasm

On the other hand, YAY! for word getting out about VM.

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Take out the trash day

The following is a bunch of stuff I keep meaning to post about but always forget.

I think Duncan is pretty. I used to think he was prettier than Logan. The problem is that that's pretty much all he is. He does nothing for me, I don't connect with him at all. And yeah, I think it's a failing of Teddy's, so sue me. If Jason can make me care about a psychotic jackass, I'd expect at least that much from Teddy who's playing an actual likeable character. But no.

However, if he had the charisma to match those looks he'd be lethal.

That said, the scruff does nothing for me. Everyone who's all "guh" about Duncan!Scruff gets a big ole WTF?! from me. I think it makes him look creepy and slimy. Now Logan!Scruff on the other hand...

I went to Sparklies and saw this icon by Regina and I had to share because it's pure genius. Collapse )

I ordered Gilmore Girls season 4 a month or so ago, not really checking out the specifics because I just assumed it would be widescreen because that's the first season I've seen with widescreen torrents. But it's fullscreen! GAH!!!! Why do they have to deprive us of all that space? Just think of all the icon crops you won't be able to do.

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Tonight is the mother of all scheduling conflicts. Four episodes of Arrested Development (first four of season 2) are airing on FOX and two episodes of Veronica Mars (Pilot and An Echolls Family Christmas) are airing on CBS. I don't know which to plug. *tears hair out in frustration*

Okay, so maybe I do because I don't think anyone should start AD in the middle. Get thee to the closest place that sells DVD sets and pick up season 1 today. You won't be sorry. (I've been reading about Target having it on sale for 20 bucks!) And if you can't wait for season 2 to arrive in stores on October 11th (same day as VM season 1!) I'll totally upload the episodes for you.

So everyone watch VM on CBS tonight!
Heh, like you're going to listen to me at this point anyway.

I think I may love this icon in a manner that's not entirely healthy. Oh YoSaffBridge, will I ever see you again? (FYI, spoil me for Serenity and DIE! I won't be seeing it until November. *sob*)
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lol-ing will never be for me, but TGIF!

I don't know what it is about "lol" that gets on my very last nerve. Quite possibly it's because I hardly ever see anyone whose writing style (even just for posts) I admire using it. Also, people who use it tend to overuse it. A lot. Sometimes when it's downright inappropriate.

On a more personal note, I think I'm letting my smileys take over a bit, so I've made a conscious effort to tone them down lately. But then again, that seems to happen quite regularly.

I can't believe tomorrow is almost here. I think I'm actually a tad more excited about Battlestar Galactica returning, but I'll go out tomorrow morning and buy my copy of The Half-Blood Prince, like any good Harry Potterphile.

I was actually considering making a few calls to see if any stores were open at midnight until I realized that I just don't care that much.

I changed some of the sounds for my computer. My favorite? The error one where Lucille Bluth says: "I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it." Heeee! Also, my favorite Windows shut-down sound is Mulder going: "They're shutting us down, Scully". But for right now I have GOB saying: "What about macaroni... Let me finish. ...salad?" It's just so wonderfully bizarre. And the start-up sound is Buster: "This party is gonna be off the hook." Unlimited juice, baby!

Having finished my Alias episode this morning I am now free from obligations until next week. I think I'm gonna try to make some VM icons. And possibly picspam vmrandom. All those caps ought to be good for something, right? Right!