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Faaaabulous, darling!

A day of fabulousness...

Also, I got tired of talking about rewatching Felicity and never getting around to it because the DVDs are apparently never going to be on sale, so I set about "obtaining" the episodes in another way. I started with season 2, and DUDE! Average speed: 143 kB/s. Right now: 198 kB/s. I do adore my Internet connection.
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VM posts post

I just updated my VM posts post because awmp did an interesting comparison between VM 2x01 and 1x01.

This made me realize that a lot of people who are new to the fandom might not be aware of some of the funny, well-thought-out, painstakingly researched posts that VM fandom has to offer. Even though I think all the posts in that entry are worth viewing, here are my favorites:

The Funny

The Obsessive

I've actually been promised continuations on both these series of posts. *ahem*

The Smart

And then today I discovered that Logan has lost his puka shell necklace! (Spoilers for NitW!) It was all very traumatic.
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Yesterday I brought my .avi playing DVD to a friend's place for a VM marathon. We watched up to Return of the Kane. She just e-mailed me to tell me that she'd watched up to episode 16 today! (Just so you understand, this is a person who feels that spending your day in front of the TV is a cardinal sin, so for her to do that it has to be really good).

Today I was with a friend and I showed her the Serenity trailers. She now wants to watch Firefly! I've been trying for months to get her to watch it, but the words "western in space" has never sold anyone on the show (Gee, I wonder why? But how else do you describe it?). Guess I'll use the Serenity trailer for all future pimpings.

In short, I RULE! And I also have someone who'll go with me to see Serenity. Squeeee!

Then we watched BSG. More specifically Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 2 through Fragged. I haven't really written anything about this season because others have pretty much said all I wanted to say (check out asta77's and danceswithwords' posts on the episodes), but also because the thing that really fascinates me about the show is the mythology, which is hard to grasp from episode to episode. You need more of an arc for that. But anyway, Collapse )