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Two things of utmost importance! (to no one but me)

Item the first: I'm in desperate need of an .flv converter, so if you've got a rec, I'd love hear it! Just about any output format will do, as long as it's standard for VirtualDub, so avi, mpg, wmv. Not Quicktime, though, because that will just cause a whole host of other problems.

Item the second: I've become reobsessed with Minesweeper, but I feel like the game has gotten a lot easier. Easier to open, easier to solve. (But I'm much slower than I used to be. My fastest time on my old computer was 118 seconds. Now it's 173. I think...) I have to know if I'm just imagining things, so a poll!

Minesweeper - easier or not so much?

Still hard as hell
I have no idea what you're talking about, but I must have my TICKY BOX!

Operating system

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Pre-XP Windows

(Most useless poll in the history of LJ polls, Y/Y?)
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Kdramas are the answer. Always.

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There used to be a time when I had summer shows. Lots of summer shows. Here are the summer shows/summer episodes I haven't even started:

  • Burn Notice

  • The Closer

  • Covert Affairs (thought I'd try it)

  • Eureka (never even saw the season 3 finale, actually)

  • Leverage

  • Lie to Me

  • White Collar

Shows I'm behind on:

  • Drop Dead Diva

  • Top Chef

  • True Blood

I am up to speed on NOTHING. Go team me!

Haven't even been getting all that much Kdrama watching done. I finished my Goong rewatch, which was much better this time around, what without all that sloooooow taaaalking by grandma. And those "I don't care about this" subplots that inexplicably appeared towards the end.

I did finish Soulmate last night! Collapse )

Before I started on Soulmate I did watch the first four (five?) episode of Prosecutor Princess, but I don't know. It's not that I dislike it, but there's nothing that's drawing me in, either.

I'll probably go back to Boys Over Flowers next, though. (Mostly because I've been saving Capital Scandal for after and I REALLY want to see that one.) Epic fail, here I come!
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The Monday Blues

I am at work and was suddenly inspired to do a cap game. But being at work means I don't have access to my usual stash of caps I've secreted away for just such an occasion, so instead I went through my scrapbook and looked for old game caps with text in them, and as long as I could remember where it was from, I put it in the game. So this can be both TV and film, ANYTHING GOES.

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