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Keyboard shortcuts for the win!

I love keyboard shortcuts. If I had it my way I'd only use the mouse in case of emergency. I thought I'd list some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts, specifically Firefox shortcuts, Collapse )

The only reason I'm still watching Prison Break is because I'm...erm, "acquiring" it for a friend, which means I usually spend my entire time watching rolling my eyes so hard that they're at risk of falling out of my head, but please tell me I'm not the only one who was laughing my ass off Collapse )

I may actually catch up with FNL now that the season is over. I also intend to watch LoM season 2 sometime soon. Aaaand I "acquired" TAR season 2, just to see the Hong Kong episode again.

I'm thinking of making my TV watching and Capping calendars public, but the fierce warning of how they'll show up in Google searches if I do, and "are you SURE you want to do this?" scared me off.

sigrun linked this game the other day and I'm completely addicted to it.
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Someone on my flist linked this Mensa intelligence test.

Collapse )

Yesterday I really missed VM, so I put on the fifth disc of season 1 and half-listened/turned to watch when something was about to happen while making icons. Actually, while making bases. I cropped almost 200 bases and made about ten icons. Typical.

I'm guessing it was brought on by cadhla's excellent post on Veronica and the fact that I spoiled myself for Wednesday's episode (which I really don't regret. At all).

Then I watched BSG (actually, I hardly even watched, that's how bored I was by it) Collapse ), My Name is Earl (funny as always) and The Office. Collapse )

I really should be translating Alias (I'm doing the Arvin Clone episodes and am feeling extremely uninspired. At least SpyMommy is returning soon), but all I really want to do is read really long and angsty fic, especially of the Josh/Donna (I'm gonna miss TWW. *sniff*) and Buffy/Spike variety. Anyone got any recs?
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Caps and games

1x05 You Think You Know Somebody (106 MB)
Zip. Album.

1x06 Return of the Kane (182 MB)
Zip. Album hasn't finished uploading, but sooner or later the caps will be uploaded here.

Right-click/copy link location. Paste in new window, add h.

While capping these I keep noticing lots and lots of stuff that I want to bring up. Mostly parallels between season 1 VMVO and season 2 episodes to date. But I keep forgetting to write them down and they're gone with the wind once I've finished capping an episode. Oh well, maybe once sweeps is over I'll have time for a proper rewatch.

I just rediscovered Dungeon Keeper and spent a few hours last night trying to play it. Only, it's so old that the graphics are FUBAR and I mostly just played from memory, because it was hard to see what was actually going on. I also found Dungeon Keeper 2, which I could never really play because it didn't work on my old computer. I think I'll try to install that instead, see how it goes. Also found Quake, and I'm dying to have a go at it, but it wouldn't surprise me if the graphics are all frelled to hell there too. *sigh*

This, of course, reminds me of a time when all my free time was devoured by games instead of the time-eating monster otherwise known as the Internet. Back when I got Nintendo 64 I think I lost four months playing The Ocarina of Time (which I still haven't finished because I didn't want it to end, so I put off finishing it and then I just drifted away from it). Not to mention Mario Kart. Man, a friend and I played the thing so much that I think we knew every single shortcut in existance. Hey, did you know that on the last course you can shave more than a minute off a lap by using a speed mushroom at the top of the hill and turning either left or right (depending on whether you're playing mirror mode or not)?

Ah, it's no wonder I can't remember stuff like my childhood - I need space for this type of information. *g*

The only game I play with any consistency these days is Tetris (on my Gameboy). That game never gets old. At least if you play against the computer. Playing a straight-up game can take an hour, until it starts going so fast that no human could keep up.