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Epiphany is just like any other day...

...except you get to have the day off. So I took a drive and ended up at Drottningholm. Collapse )

Afterwards I went grocery shopping and in the fifteen minutes I was in the store it had gotten dark and started snowing quite heavily. While it's been pretty damn cold lately, we've hardly had any snow. I am not looking forward to digging out my car tomorrow morning.

On a whim, I started keeping track of the TV episodes I've watched this year, and right now I'm at 28. If this keeps up I'll have absolutely no problem reaching 1000 episodes. In fact, I'd probably clear 2000 with a comfortable margin. Yikes!

And I haven't even watched Jon and Stephen yet! (I kinda forgot that for pretty much everyone else, this is just another ordinary day.) And I'm in the middle of yet another episode of Grand Designs. I'll top at least 30 before the day is over. IN SIX DAYS. And I'm not even counting the two TV episodes I watched while proof-reading, or the episode I translated this week.

I don't know if it's because I've been so disconnected from LJ this fall, but my only reaction to the news of the firings was that it would probably crush me to lose some of the fic that's posted here - and only here. I think I'm going to have to go find some of my faves and back them up, just in case.

That's not to say it wouldn't be devastating to lose all the people around here, but I really don't think that would happen even if the site disappeared completely (which I don't believe it will). Sooner or later, most everyone would gravitate to one place or another, and as long as you've got an email adress for at least one person you're going to be okay.
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Stuff upon stuff

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A few of my favorite things I've picked up from my flist in the past few months:

Via oxoniensis: WallMaster. I used to use a different wallpaper changer, but I hadn't acquired a new one since I got my new computer (and was just using a very boring default wallpaper), but this freeware has me hook, line and sinker. Collapse )

Via txvoodoo: Append your gmail address to create however many different addresses you want.

So, you can have an address like yourname+spam@gmail.com to give out to any site you don't want emails from (or who you suspect might sell it to spammers) and then create a filter for emails to that address go directly into the spam folder. Personally, I mostly use it to automate tags, so that +etsy emails get the etsy tag, +paypal emails get the paypal tag, etc.


Things I've watched since my last post:

  • How I Met Your Mother 1x01-3x20

  • CSI: NY 1x01-1x05

  • Greek 1x01-1x13 (I think.)

  • Project Runway Australia 1x01 (I think I'm going to like it.)

  • Shear Genius 1x01-1x02 (Too early to tell, really, but I've agreed with the bootings so far.)

  • Hell's Kitchen 4x14

  • My Boys 2x04

Things I have not watched:

  • The Mentalist pilot (that's up next!)

  • The Middleman 1x03-1x04

  • Hell's Kitchen finale (don't spoil me!)


I just realized (thanks to afrocurl), that the albums I've been uploading to lately have been set to private. I've fixed it, so here are the caps I've made lately (not all of them new):

Pushing Daisies
1x01 - Pie-Lette
1x02 - Dummy
1x03 - The Fun in Funeral

How I Met Your Mother
2x11 - How Lily Stole Christmas
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(no subject)

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Since I last posted, I've had a week off, so, naturally, I've been watching tons of TV.

Collapse )

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I also managed to cap the first two episodes of Pushing Daisies. Well, the first two and a HALF episodes, but I have to actually finish the third one before I can upload the caps.

1x01 - Pie-Lette
1x02 - Dummy

*loves on DVD caps*
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Happy anniversary to meeeeeee

Today is my five year LJ-versary, and I had planned to post the second part of my Aeryn picspam, but then hackers happened and I lost my will to live picspam. Instead I have tried to icon (operative word here is TRIED), watched P&P and read fic. All in all, I have to say I have no regrets.

I got all my galleries up and running and so far so good. *keeps fingers crossed* If you notice anything wrong, please tell me about it.

txvoodoo linked to this site the other day: What if we all voted? It's a chance for non-Americans to vote for the candidate they like in the US presidential race. Obama is winning by a landslide.

I want to watch something, but I can't decide between starting my Farscape rewatch, finishing the last three episodes (EVER) of The Wire, Life on Mars s2, Six Feet Under s1, Wire in the Blood s5 or Spaced s2, so instead I'm just sitting here watching nothing. I think I'll just grab whichever is closest, which happens to be...Six Feet Under.
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Hump day? More like down-in-the-dumps day.

Just to show that not all of us are pikers. ;-)

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I was thinking about buying myself a video game system and I'm not sure what to get. In the past I've bought Nintendo systems, but Wii seems to be pretty expensive, not to mention the fact that whenever I look at games, they seem to be more expensive too. And since my brother has an Xbox, I was thinking of getting me one of those. I would imagine they're pretty cheap by now and I can borrow a ton of games from him. Anyone got any advice? Other considerations?

Why is it only Wednesday? I started out thinking Monday was Tuesday, so I was a day ahead of schedule before the week even began. And now it feels like it's been at least a six day work week already. *sigh*

Oh, oh, oh, also? My Firefox is being all weird. It's not saving the settings when I close it, so by now I've had to re-customize the "use small icons" and buttons about five times. Anyone know why this is happening?
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Sometimes, 100x100 pixels are not enough to convey all that you want to say

This is not good. I mean, yeah, I'd basically given up on this TV season, but now I'm starting to get really nervous about next season.

You know, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but this year has just been a big ball of SUCK so far. I've gotten sick twice, I have Family Drama happening (though this is a reoccurring source of Family Drama, things seem to be coming to a head right about now), one of my closest friends has had to be referred to a specialist because she may have a congenital heart defect, I've had not one but TWO video files (both rush jobs) containing glitches, making me miss (or possibly miss, depending on what tomorrow brings) deadlines, and I already feel like I'm falling behind on my reading.

On the other hand, in a fit of self-pity I ordered Atonement the other day. It's coming out on DVD on February 4th. The next day sees the release of both the complete Slings & Arrows (which is why I haven't ordered any of the individual seasons yet, even though I had planned to) and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, which I'm curious about despite my Brad Pitt apathy.

Is there anything else particularly awesome happening soon? Goodness knows I could use a pick-me-up or twenty.
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I have reached my goal! Woohoo, 100 101 movies! I actually watched FIVE yesterday, though I went off-course a bit when I went to a friend's place to watch some movies last night. We saw The Simpsons Movie, Babel and Requiem for a Dream, and in addition, I watched Pan's Labyrinth and Casablanca, and then today I saw Brokeback Mountain and Hotel Rwanda.

So now I'm trying to finish off my Year in Entertainment post (which I've also made public), and I realized it might be a good idea to add the shows I watch that have finished airing all their pre-strike episodes in case there won't be any more this season (and I forget which ones I finished before the new year and which ones I didn't). So far I've got:

The Office
Pushing Daisies
How I Met Your Mother

But what about:

30 Rock
Gossip Girl
My Name is Earl
Samantha Who?


aaand that's all I can think of, though I feel like there should be more.

Since I probably won't be posting more before the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
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(no subject)

I'm about this close to being Internet obnoxiousness personified by starting to comment on every entry that uses the fake cut wrong. If you don't know what a cut is? You might not want to attempt a fake cut.

And FYI, a fake cut does not equal a link.

Well, it took forever, but The Office season 2 DVDs are finally shipping today. No chance of getting them this week, I suppose (unless I'm reeeeeeally lucky and they ship from Denmark), but next week is all that I expected anyway. 17 minute gag reel, here I come! Or perhaps that should be "here you come"?

This week I've downloaded so much I fear that my external harddrive will soon run out of space. And just to put that into context: I had 130 GB free this weekend. The tally so far:

Everwood season 1
Everwood season 2
Everwood season 3
Everwood season 4
Popular season 2
Project Runway 3x08 (it just showed up!)
Justice 1x01
Prison Break 2x02

Not to mention the music! And the DVD caps!

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And now I'm off to watch Project Runway.

ETA: Collapse )

ETA2: Huh, looks like I'll get to see the Emmys after all since I'll be translating it. Yay?
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teevee, breakfast of champions

It's ridiculously hot (well, you know, for Sweden - a country without air conditioning), making it impossible to think. Most Swedes go a bit nuts as soon as the weather is good, but living in Florida killed just about every desire I ever had to sit out in the sun unless there's a pool nearby, and that combined with my allergies/impending sickness means I've been watching a lot of TV. A LOT. So much that I'm embarrassed by it. So I'm sneaking in this post on a Friday night when no one's reading LJ.

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