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Before we get started with the festivities of The Friday Cap Game, let's just start by celebrating the fact that LJ finally has a la carte userpics! 210 more icons! Not that I think I'll buy that much, but I'm already constantly having to delete icons, so a few more spaces would be welcome.

And now, let the games begin!

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sixes and sevens

Well, it seems my experiment failed. Not because I didn't have anything happy-making happen yesterday, but because I feel asleep at nine freakin' thirty! A day of shopping just simply whiped me out. Shopping which, incidentally, provided me with my happy moment...

Happy Day 6: I found a holder for round cotton pads! Okay, so this might not seem like such a happy moment to most, but I've been looking for one since this summer, and while I used to see holders all the damn time about two years ago when I wasn't looking for one, it seems that since then they've simply stopped making them. Man, I think I've looked in every supermarket, IKEA, DIY and bath accessories store in the greater Stockholm area and come up empty. I made one last-ditch attempt at IKEA yesterday and - yay! - found one.

Happy Day 7: I was clearing some space on my external hard drive, going through and deleting files, and I found the modernized remake of Much Ado About Nothing that I downloaded several months ago and promptly forgot about. Yay, something I really want to watch at a time when I have free time!

Slightly delayed, here are the answers to Friday's cap game. Only number 6 wasn't identified correctly.

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I've become (re-)obsessed with online games. Mostly puzzle games. Some of my favorites from the past few weeks:

  • Word Bubbles. Not at all a puzzle game, but a word game. poshcat linked it last week or so, and I've been playing it daily since. I LOVE THIS ONE.

  • Atomica. This is a lot like Clines (which came in real handy when my internet was down at work the other day).

  • Tower Builder. I was obsessed with this one a month or so ago.

So, anyone got any online game recs? Time-waster recs, if you will.

So, dianora2 had this meme.
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Happy Day 1: I set up my new work computer today, and thanks to the replies in my last post, it worked like a charm! Oh my god, having all my passwords, my extensions, my Clippings, my autofills right there at my fingertips in a few seconds flat? HEAVENLY. And then I spent the afternoon translating The Office (season 1), and watching/proof reading Dead Like Me and Monk. It was a pretty damn good work day, let me tell you. The boss even brought in some pastry for the afternoon coffee tea break. =)

I'm not tagging anyone, this is more to force myself to post every day for 7 days straight. Let's see if I can keep it up!

Some TV:

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Of the two comedies about mean people I've been watching lately, I have to say, I prefer Collapse )
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Hump day? More like down-in-the-dumps day.

Just to show that not all of us are pikers. ;-)

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I was thinking about buying myself a video game system and I'm not sure what to get. In the past I've bought Nintendo systems, but Wii seems to be pretty expensive, not to mention the fact that whenever I look at games, they seem to be more expensive too. And since my brother has an Xbox, I was thinking of getting me one of those. I would imagine they're pretty cheap by now and I can borrow a ton of games from him. Anyone got any advice? Other considerations?

Why is it only Wednesday? I started out thinking Monday was Tuesday, so I was a day ahead of schedule before the week even began. And now it feels like it's been at least a six day work week already. *sigh*

Oh, oh, oh, also? My Firefox is being all weird. It's not saving the settings when I close it, so by now I've had to re-customize the "use small icons" and buttons about five times. Anyone know why this is happening?