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A TV Meme

01. Earliest show you remember getting into.
I'm sure it was some Swedish kids show. If we're talking fandom-wise, I realized after having been in fandom for a while that the show I actually first read fanfic for was Friends. Only I had no clue that's what it was and when the fic ended (this was a Monica/Chandler fic that was written before they got together on the show, so around 1997, maybe? Friends premiered in 1994, right?), I didn't pick up fanfic reading again until 2003 when Buffy/Spike ate its way into my brain. Ah, good times...

02. First anime watched.
Is Avatar: The Last Airbender considered anime? Because that's pretty much the only one I've watched, I'm not an animation kind of person.

03. A show you've been meaning to finish.
To date, I still have not watched the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies, and as long as I don't, it's not over, right? RIGHT?

04. 2 shows you abandoned.
SO. MANY. SHOWS. Since I've been meaning to post about this, let's kill two birds with one stone and talk about the two I've abandoned this year: The Good Wife and Scandal. I actually finished this season of The Good Wife, but reading about the controversy of the extreme animosity on set leading to JM and AP not even being able to be in the same room long enough to film a single scene left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'm just done. Honestly, I've been looking for an excuse to quit the show, because even when the show was amazing, there was always some element missing for me. And that element was a connection to Alicia. I felt for her in the first season, maybe the second, but since Peter came back as a serious player in her life, I've just felt more and more disconnected, to the point where I don't even want to watch her anymore. As for Scandal, I didn't finish this season. I did intend to, but then I read spoilers about Olivia and Fitz getting back together and I just can't anymore. Worst Show OTP EVER. Seriously, those two creep me out like nothing else and a world where awesome Olivia Pope actively chooses a creep and manipulator like Fitzgerald Grant is not one I want to visit every week.

05. A series you're currently watching.
Currently as in right this moment? Let's see, I have tabs open for Suits (haven't started the new season yet), Mr Robot, which I thought I'd give a go, iZombie, with two episodes left and Person of Interest, which I tend to forget about week-to-week so I think I have about seven episodes left? The last episode I finished was UnREAL 1x05 last night, but I haven't been watching much TV lately. Instead, I've been obsessed with YouTube planner videos. Like, I LOVE planners and Filofaxes and journals and stuff, but as much as I'm obsessing over it right now, I know I'll grow tired of it before too long, so I'm trying to incorporate some of the ideas they have into my Evernote journal (which is like 2+ years strong, the longest I've ever kept up with a journal). It's a bit more difficult because Evernote is such a pain to customize that I can't do the type of decorating I want to (backgrounds and the like), but I can add a bunch of stuff like weather icons and headers and all that jazz. It's been fun! /tangent

06. A show you're sad is over.
I think I'll be perpetually sad that Farscape didn't get its full fifth season.

07. Favorite series finale.
I don't know that I have an entire final episode of a television show that I love whole-heartedly, but I will forever love the last scene of Angel, in the alley. I prefer it to the Buffy finale that wrapped everything up in a neat bow. Other finale moments I've enjoyed include Jesse actually escaping in Breaking Bad and Bob Newhart waking up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette in the last moments of Newhart. Of course, had I actually been a big fan of that show, I probably would have hated it. Also, Joey picking Pacey is the best ending of anything ever.

08. A series finale you would change.
HIMYM is the only possible answer to this question. Having not watched the second half of the entire show's run, I was suddenly forced to confront it this spring when we did recuts on it for work. And I still managed to completely avoid the last two seasons by passive-aggressively NOT signing up to do the episodes so that others had to do the recuts. Heh.

09. Worst TV program you've ever seen.
To be honest? Nothing really sticks out. Sure, there are bad shows that I've quit just five minutes into, but it's more to do with my taste than anything else. That's of the shows I choose to watch. Of the ones I have to watch for work, there are plenty of shows I would never in a million years watch, but hey, at least I'm getting paid for it, right? (Though I gotta say,  the dating shows are THE WORST. Almost not worth it even though I am getting paid.)

10. A show that shouldn't have been cancelled.
There are plenty of shows I'd have liked to have seen more of (Wonderfalls, Firefly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Selfie, etc), but they went out before they time, it's not like I would have wanted them to go on forever. Like, if Firefly were still on the air I'm pretty sure I would hate it - and so would every other fan.

11. A show that needs to end.
I was looking through the TV schedule thinking "even for shows where I don't care anymore and the show is probably even ruining the fond memories fans have by keeping going (i.e. Bones and Supernatural), I still don't care if it's on the air." But then I came across Big Bang Theory, and you know what? THAT SHOW NEEDS TO DIE IN A FIRE. I think it's doing more harm to women and nerddom than any show that was actively bashing both those things could. Ugh.

12. Favorite cartoon.
See above, re: animation and my feelings about it. The only cartoons I've watched most episodes of are South Park and Archer (for work), and even though neither is bad, I still wouldn't watch them unless I was paid to.

13. Favorite reboot.
I had to look it up and apparently, reboots aren't my thing. Of the ones I watched (Battlestar Galactive, Cupid, Hawaii Five-0, Ironside), I didn't finish a single one. I guess I'll have to go with the one that I watched the most of: Battlestar Galactica. I feel like Asian dramas could come into play here too, since jdramas and twdramas have been rebooted as kdramas, but of the ones I can think of off the top of my head (Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss) I didn't think much of either. I did finish them though!

14. A TV adaptation you'd like to see.
Every time I read an October Daye book, I'm struck by how perfectly it would work as a TV show. And the drawn-out 'ship potential is amaaaazing if they got the casting right. I seriously think it could be the Buffy of a new generation.

15. Saddest TV moment.
I watched so many YouTube videos and read a bunch of lists to find something that stuck with me, but nothing connected at all. The Body comes the closest, but even there I feel removed from it because I don't care about Joyce, just how the others react to her death.

16. Most satisfying TV moment.
Very little can beat Walter White finally (FINALLY) dying. On a less murderous note: Carol and Doug reuniting on E.R. is pretty sweet. And I already mentioned Joey picking Pacey above.

17. A character you identify with.
I always used to say Jaye Tyler, but honestly, I've become a much more positive person since Wonderfalls aired. So now I don't know anymore. I'd say Britta Perry/Liz Lemon if it wasn't for the fact that I could never lack self-awareness as much as they do.

18. A character that reminds you of your friend.
Ugh, I've been thinking for ages and I just can't come up with anyone, so I'm going to pass on this one.

19. Favorite talk show.
Can I say Colbert's even though it hasn't started aring yet?

20. Sports or nah.
.Nah. So very firmly nah that this Wednesday when I left work and had to walk against a stream of people the likes of which I'd never seen, I had to go home and look it up before I realized that Sweden had apparently won the European junior football championship and the players had been received in Kungsträdgården (which is my subway stop).

21. A TV world you'd like to live in.
Maybe Farscape's, only with less vomit and gut-wrenching deaths. But exploring the universe? Meeting wonderfully weird and unimaginable characters? I would so be down for that.


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