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Why don't we start with this

Since I've been reading Arrow fic, I've been horrible at reading books, but I did manage to read the new Veronica Mars!

Veronica finally got her Pony! That's my favorite part of this book!

However, the main mystery was depressing as hell. Like seriously, no one gave a crap about Meg's little sister after the kidnapping? When she was describing how she used to dream about being rescued by Veronica I can't say I didn't resent Veronica a hell of a lot. On the one hand, no, it's not Veronica's responsibility. On the other, she was one of the few people who knew what was happening in that home, she damn well should have at least TOLD someone. (Besides Lamb, because she knew very well what a bastard he was.)

Also, Lamb's response when he found she was a call girl made me see red. I HATE SO MUCH that this is the society we live in.

'SHIIIIIIP. I really love Logan and Veronica's relationship (no DUH), but I wish that it wasn't so separate from everything else in the book. It's like everything in Veronica's life exists exists in a tight circle and the only thing outside of it is Logan. I know there is resentment there, I know they're her family/friends, not his, but I just wish that wasn't the case. And it makes me worry for the future.

It also makes me worry about Logan, because I hate that his only (or at least best) friend is Dick. No one should have to suffer that fate.

The Leo thing at the end makes me worry that this is how they'll break them up. Can I just how much I do not want? Even though we end the book on a good 'shippy note, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Also, way to break my heart with Logan's story about how he came to join the navy.

As per usual, I'm still watching a ton of TV.

Oh, but this season sounded like a dud. But I'm so relieved it plays out so much better than it sounds. I was sure they were going to bring in Kitty as a wedge, but instead, the only issues I have with the situation are due to Sherlock and I'm fine with thinking he's an ass because, well, he is.

I know a lot of people are down on the show this season, and while I don't think it's the best thing ever, I'm still enjoying it. My main beef with the show is that it's so dour. I am not now, nor have I ever, been interested in Batman's manpain. And that's pretty much what this is.

Speaking of Batman's manpain, I forgot to watch Gotham after episode 3 or so. Oops?

My favorites this year are Jane the Virgin (though this last episode felt a bit eh) and Brooklyn Nne-Nine, which continues to delight.

I know everyone loves The Flash but it doesn't engage me at all. I think it's good, I just don't really love any of the characters enough to get sucked in to fandom mode. Caitlin is the closest I get, but she's still not there. Also, I find Barry, Iris and Barry/Iris kind of a snoozefest.

I tried Empire and despite all the buzz, I won't be sticking with it (it felt like a soapier version of Nashville and I already quit Nashville this season for being too soapy, so...)

I tried Hindsight and am soooo sticking with it. This show is right up my alley. I didn't even know VH1 was doing scripted shows these days?

I quit Reign when I heard about the rape. I just can't handle crap like that right now. Maybe not ever again. I'm so sick and tired of rape storylines I could puke.

Pleased as punch that Parks and Rec is back, but less pleased that a) it's their last season, and b) they're burning off the episodes so quickly.

And now I have to go outside and dig out my car. Fun!
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