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'Tis the season

The new television season has hit like a ton of bricks and I pretty much crumbled right away. So. Behind. But I've made a valiant attempt to catch up lately.

The Good Wife 6x01-6x03
I don't know if I was in a really bad mood or if it just wasn't my cup of tea, but I REALLY didn't like the premiere. Like, I was pretty close to dropping the show. But I didn't and I've really enjoyed the other two episodes.

It's not easy for me to watch a show where I don't have a POV character, and I've finally come to realize that Alicia will never become that for me. So right now I'm enjoying it from a distance, in a sort of "this is really good but I probably wouldn't care if it all burned to the ground" way. Which leads me straight into...

Scandal 4x01-4x03
To be honest, I'd forgotten most of what happened last season. Like when they said Mellie and Fitz lost a child I at first thought of the baby (whose name I can't remember) It all came back to me slowly, though.

Still really hate the way they frame Olivia/Fitz as the couple to root for. The fact that the show runners seem to think they are anything but AWFUL makes me less than hopeful about this show ever being what I want it to be - which is mainly Olivia being awesome and badass and occasionally screwing Jake against the wall. Really, is that too much to ask?

But it's a ridiculously addictive show with crazy plots and occasional glimpses of the things I love, so: still worth it.

Sleepy Hollow 2x01-2x04
I wish this show could be Abbie and Ichabod: Navigating the Treacherous Terrain of the Modern Era for the Wayward Revolutionary. That show? Would have my full attention. But instead it's filled with all these religious and mystical things that....ugh, yawn much?

It still has enough of what keeps my attention to make me stick with it, I just wish I found it less of a drag most of the time.

Agents of Shield 2x01-2x02
I have high hopes for this season, and I really truly hope they learned their lesson and aren't going to be cooling their heels until Age of Ultron (that is the title of Avengers 2, right?) premieres in the spring. Instead of having to hold back, I hope they build towards the release, making the movie experience even richer for those who have stuck with this show (and hopefully Agent Carter as well).

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Chicago Fire s3 premiere
I'm not even sure why I still watched this show, but I watched the premiere and pretty much checked out. I just don't CARE. Not even a little bit.

Nashville s3 premiere
Okay, so I barely paid attention, but from what I can remember Scarlett decided to stay (SHOCKER), Rayna decided to marry Luke (UGH, UNNECESSARY TRIANGLE) and Juliette is preggers (DON'T CARE)?

Literally none of these things made me want to watch this season. Having Rayna/Deacon dragged out for another season just because they don't know what to do with them once they get them together? Not my problem you're sucky writers.

I haven't watched a single episode since the premiere and I doubt I will. If Rayna/Deacon heats up enough for people to start talking about it I may be back, otherwise... *shrug* No big loss.

Gotham 1x01-1x03
I expected to hate this show, so the fact that I didn't hate the pilot probably made me think much higher of it than I would have otherwise. The thing is, Gotham and Batman don't interest me. Dark, dreary, dank and BORING is what I find Batman and his environs. But a few things - mainly the female characters - have me intrigued, so I'm sticking around for now, but the next two episodes I've watched have lost me by degrees already.

Although, it doesn't hurt that it's pretty.

Scorpion 1x01-1x02
This show feels so contrived and stupid and there is no way anything like this could exist in real life (which makes it all the more amusing that it's based on someone's life). And yet? I kinda enjoyed it. Another keeper! (Until it proves not to be.)

How to Get Away With Murder 1x01-1x03
I don't know about this one. I like it, but I don't love it and I'm not at all interested in the arc, meaning the cases of the week need to be MUCH more interesting than they have been thus far to keep me watching.

Selfie 1x02-1x03
Considering how many things did not work for me in the pilot, I'm amazed at how utterly charmed I've been by the following two episodes. I have felt genuine delight, for crying out loud! Such is the power of the Cho. So sad this one seems to be on the chopping block already.

Jane the Virgin pilot
I did not expect to like this. Did anyone? But it was the TROPIEST TROPE TO EVER TROPE and it was glorious! So cheesy and ridiculous and I loved every bit of it. Now watch as it all falls apart.

Forever 1x01-1x04
Didn't we already do this one? I mean, I've watched quite a few episodes, but I have very little recollection of anything that happened and it's mostly been background noise. Soon to be dropped and forgotten in short order, no doubt.

Gracepoint pilot
Tried to watch, but I hadn't realized it would be an exact replica of Broadchurch, minus the British accents. No thanks, already been around this block once, don't need to do it again. I turned it off ten minutes in.

Stalker pilot
This may be a good show, but I honestly couldn't tell because it made me feel like crap. I hated the feeling it gave me and I'm not willing to invest time in a show that makes me feel that awful.

In non-television news:

  • I joined Ello and have some invites in case anyone is interested.

  • I capped the Veronica Mars movie.

  • I'm currently "enjoying" a self-imposed spending freeze and I already have a shopping list a mile long for November 1, which will most likely begin with a trip to Lush to BUY ALL THE THINGS (especially Snow Fairy, because I've been saving the last few drops of last year's bottle hoping that they would bring it back soon).

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