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Hello, Internet!

Let's just skip over the whole "I can't believe it's been so-and-so long since I posted" - because it's getting tiresome and ridiculous - and jump straight into television, shall we?

What I've been watching lately

For the past few weeks I've been rewatching Parks and Rec from when Ben joined the show and I'm completely in love with it all over again. Season 6, which I found pretty lackluster the first go-around worked much better when marathoned (but then again, what show doesn't?).

Also, people who complain about the Moonlighting curse should watch this show to get pointers for how to write a 'ship that does the will they/won't they, but then DO and keep the basic premise going throughout and don't let the 'ship take over (or let the writing suffer so much that the 'ship ends up being the only thing that keeps viewers staying tuned), but still make the 'ship perfect whenever they do show them.

Leslie becoming all hot and bothered when Ben says he's making the mac and cheese pizza is one of my favorite moments because it says so much about the characters and the couple and fits so perfectly into the show without making it the ENTIRE show.

Ugh, I just have a lot of feelings.

The 100
I have two episodes left of season 1 and I'm liking it, but I'm not loving it completely. It's a bit too drab and brown, not to mention a downer most of the time. Sure, sure, survivalists from space, but couldn't earth be a little less...earthy?

That said, I can see this show going two ways: complete obsession or complete apathy. Only season 2 will tell.

Person of Interest
I watched most of this when I was on Corfu this summer, and people were right, it did get better in the second and third season, and I love Sarah Shahi and am so happy she's around more and more. However, them killing Carter pissed me off A LOT. And I realized she must have been one of the many female characters that were killed off in the middle of last season, which just pissed me off even more. Wasn't there like one week when three or four female characters were killed off and fandom went into deep mourning? Ugh.

I guess I will have to cross my fingers and hope that nothing happens to Shaw and Root. Because god knows Reese and Finch won't keep me watching for long (it was a struggle getting through season 1 as it was).

New pilots I've watched - only one of which has actually aired

The Flash
I know this pilot was generally liked, but I thought it was just okay? I think it's part comic book fatigue and part just not caring all that much about Barry as the main character and actively disliking Barry/Iris. I'll give it a try but if I find myself drifting away I'll probably just give it up.

A to Z
I saw this in June, I think? And I've mostly forgotten about it, which can't be a good sign. That said, I liked some things - enough things to make me tune in for a few more episodes.

This is arguably the worst of the lot, objectively speaking (ugh, the misogynistic elements alone make me want to cringe) and yet it's the one that engaged me the most? So I don't know. John Cho is reason enough to stick with it for a while, I feel.

Red Band Society
This is going to sound completely callous, but I just don't care if these kids live or die. I think I'm going to give this show a pass unless/until I hear enough raving to warrant a second look.

Thoughts on returning shows, including my reaction to spoilers from articles/trailers, but nothing specific

I'm cautiously optimistic about the direction they seem to be taking this season. To be honest, if they just drop the whole Laurel+Oliver=TwuLuv4Evah thing I'd consider that a huge victory since it's the one thing the show has done that has never made sense to me. Well, Laurel as a character makes very little sense to me, but I tend to mostly just ignore her - which is hard when they're pushing the Oliver angle all the time.

I do wonder about the Oliver/Sara thing, though. Did they put them together in season 2 in order to kill Laurel/Oliver dead (and put a temporary kibosh on Felicity/Oliver, which was probably heating up too fast for their liking) or did they put them together and then realize from fan reactions that revisiting Laurel/Oliver after that would be tacky at best and creepy at worst? I guess we'll never know, I only hope that they have killed it dead and don't plan to resurrect that zombie for season 4.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Everything I've read and seen about this season so far is making me so happy this show is returning soon!

Everything I've read and seen about this season so far is putting a real damper on my enthusiasm. I had hoped that now that we're finally rid of Mycroft, there would be some much-needed return to the basic premise, but instead, everything I've heard so far makes me just wish they WOULDN'T DO THAT. I mean, wasn't Mycroft bad enough? Shouldn't you want to return to status quo right now so that people won't be left with that bad taste in their mouths?

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