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I feel completely traumatized more than an hour after finishing this episode.

And it's not helped by the fact that this season I've been a lot more on Will's side than Alicia's in their whole feud thing. So to have Will snatched away while I still feel like I don't understand Alicia at all is all kinds of devastating.

They're the two characters that make this show for me. Not just as a 'ship, but as people in their own right. I would say they are indispensable. Well, I guess we'll see now, won't we? Will I even care about Alicia's devastation now? I don't know.

I feel like there is a chance I might if the preview is any indication of what happens, especially between Peter and Alicia. If Will's death is Alicia's incentive to finally dump Peter's ass for good, I feel like that could be a very good reason to stick around. (Does that mean I hate Peter more than I loved Will? Well, my hate for Peter is only eclipsed by my hate for Fitz on Scandal, so...)

The thing about Will is that he wasn't (I started writing "isn't". Gut punch to the stomach much?) a character I loved so much because he was a swell guy, I loved him for his dynamics with pretty much all the other characters on the show. Will and Diane? Best marrieds. Will and Kalicia? Best partners in crime. Will and Alicia? Best. Pretty much just best. And now all that is lost, which seems like such a waste.

But if they can channel that dynamic into Alicia getting her shit together (and I don't care what people say, as long as Alicia is with Peter, she does NOT have her shit together in my book), I will probably, possibly, maybe keep watching the show.

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