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So. Many. Premieres.

Not even halfway through this season's premieres, but my recent return to private journaling has left me with tons to say about what's aired so far. So let's get to it!

New Girl 3x01-3x02
In the premiere, I was loving what they were doing with Nick/Jess (they really really like each other! And they want to make it work, even if that means they have to leave the country in order to escape their regular lives where they will be torn apart in no time), but I didn't love how they did it. The episode just felt off.

Episode 3x02, on the other hand, was perfect. I mean, okay, not perfect in every way, but how they're handling Nick/Jess (they're together. No biggie) is just what I want. I want New Girl to be the show that proves that just because you put two people together, that doesn't have to mean the show is ruined.

On Tumblr, moireach mentioned being bummed about Schmidt's storyline because it puts him in such bad light. I guess I never thought about it that much because I don't have that high of an opinion of him in the first place? My only problem with the storyline is that in no way does he deserve either Cece or Elizabeth. I hope they both dump his ass. And then they+Jess can all become besties and hang out at the loft every day, just to make Schmidt feel bad about what he's done.

Looking forward to [casting spoiler]!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x01-1x02
I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I thought it would go directly into the reject pile, but now I think I'll keep watching for a while. It wasn't as cringe-inducing as the trailer made it seem, and the slapstick aspect, which I thought meant that the police aspect would be something I could never take seriously, isn't as bad as the trailer made it out to be. The stuff that was in the trailer was pretty much the worst of it. Of course, the creators coming from Parks & Rec should have made me realize that it wouldn't be as awful as all that.

I didn't include this in my post on what shows I'd be trying out this season because I didn't think I would be trying it out. But then I read a review by a critic who actively disliked Chuck Lorre's other shows, but said that he found this show to be really enjoyable. So I decided I'd give it a shot.


Oh my god, so bad. The laugh track made the show actively unfunny. The writing wasn't even mediocre, it was just plain bad (or perhaps it just feels bad when the writers need fake laughter to make sure the audience gets that they're supposed to laugh? Nah, it was just bad). I didn't enjoy a single thing about this show except for French Stewart. And that is just wrong when you have Allison Janney and Anna Faris playing in a sitcom about mothers and daughters. SO WRONG.

Never ever watching another episode of this crap.

Sleepy Hollow 1x01-1x02
I wish this show could be an hour of Ichabod Crane learning about the modern world. I find the whole Bible/End of the World/Witchcraft stuff boring. I need a heaping dose of levity and a dash of irreverence when I watch supernatural shows. If they take themselves too seriously, I just find it silly. And not in a good way.

Abbie and Ichabod are delightful, though, so I'll keep watching for a while.

Downton Abbey 4x01
I liked the premiere. Don't think I ever mentioned it on LJ, but I was not a fan of the season 3 finale, I found it manipulative as hell. Killing Matthew at that exact moment was just so overwrought and calculated to inflict the most amount of pain. I could feel the writer reaching through the screen to try to make it as painful as possible for the audience. Instead, I just felt jerked around. Ugh.

But I think season 4 is shaping up okay so far. Especially if the set-up in the premiere pans out and we get a showdown between Lord Grantham and Lady Mary. (I can never forgive him for ruining my chance to see a televised version of my favorite arranged-marriage-turning-to-true-love-trope. Thank goodness The Americans stepped in to fill the void.) And I loved the juxtaposition of Lord Grantham and Mr. Carson in how they cared for Mary.

I hope that the Branson/Mary hints I caught was just me being influenced by fandom, because Do. Not. Want. Mary deserves someone so much more awesome than Branson.

The Blacklist
While I enjoyed this enough to see where it goes for at least a few episodes, I really thought it would be better than it was. It had its moments, but I'll be expecting more from future episodes if this is going to be a long-haul kinda thing.

The Mindy Project
Just as I was starting to enjoy James Franco, it looks like his stint on the show is over.

I've been a Mindy/Danny 'shipper from day one, so I'm not really pleased with the whole Pastor Casey engagement. Not necessarily because she's with someone else (I'm always okay with my 'ship having other significant others when it's clear they're not ready to be together yet), but because a) I actually like Casey, and b) I don't see a graceful way out of an engagement for Mindy - unless they make Casey the bad guy. And I doubt I'd enjoy that.

Goodbye and good riddance to Christina, though. I don't feel like Chloë Sevigny brought anything to the show.

Chicago Fire
I don't know if it's because I'm on premiere overload, but I just didn't care all that much about the premiere. I'm thinking maybe I'll let a few episodes pile up and do mini-marathons this season.

Agents of SHIELD
So excited for this show! I even got up early this morning so that I could watch it before work.

I really want Gunn to at least be a recurring character. And talk about being super obvious about making a black man in a hoodie a superhero. Social commentary, much?

They have such cool tech on this show. The flying car was equal parts awesome and ridiculous.

FREE COBIE! I hope that the hint of something being wrong with Hill will be the excuse for her not to be there the rest of the season (and then they can use the finale episodes to fix whatever it is and make her a regular in season 2).

I'm liking Skye and FitzSimmons, but Grant is kind of dull. Intrigued to find out more about May and her reluctance to be in the field. Something to do with the Battle of New York, perhaps?

'Shipping-wise, I'm not jumping on board anything right off the bat, but I can totally see Grant/Simmons in a "she's nothing like the girls he usually goes for, but he can't help wanting to be around her all the time" kind of way. I think any Blake 'ship would have to be one where he questions everything that he is - proabably the only way to make him interesting. Other than Blake, there are very few 'shippable guys on this show.

It's pretty clear they're setting up Blake/Skye, though. It's just that it's too obvious a 'ship to interest me.

All in all, a very promising start.
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