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So much TV, so little time

New Girl

Ugh, this 'ship is killing me! I love them so much and I just want things to work out for them, and I think there could be a lot of potential in storylines about how they could function as a couple while still in the loft.

But in the meantime, I'm kind of hoping for them to go the route of one of my favorite 'ship kinks: the secret relationship! I think I love it so much because the reveal is always so much fun, but while it's still on-going, it also creates an intimacy that I think is hard to get any other way.

I love Elizabeth and Daisy and they can stay forever as far as I'm concerned.

I also hope that Cece does get married and that they use that to put the final nail in the coffin of Schmidt/Cece. The relationships they've had since the break-up show just how horrible they are together.


I do not know what to think about Irene Adler entering the picture. I don't know much about the source material, but from Sherlock I gather that she played Sherlock from the beginning, but maybe that's not always the case? It's hard to tell before we have more info, but I think this might be really good (disillusioning Sherlock of her perfection, making him stop seeing her as The Woman).

I hope that Moriarty becomes a long-term villain. Like, we don't get to meet him for at least another season.

Generally, I'm just really happy that this show is in my life, and that it's appreciated by others too, so I won't have to worry about its future right now.

Chicago Fire

The show is losing me for a number of reasons:

  • Severide and the fake rape claim. I hate that they're using it since any time something like this is shown on TV it lends legitimacy to the idea that there are plenty of claims that are fake. When, in fact, the number of fake claims are negligible.

  • I so don't 'ship Dawson/Mills, and I'm way into Dawson/Casey (which I think is where the show will go, they just don't want to blow their wad yet, but every road block they've put up is making me yawn. I need incentive to watch at this point). I don't mind them not going for Dawson/Casey right now (I want him to fall hard and fast first), but does everything have to be so dull?

  • Shay's stupid artificial insemination plotline. I can't tell if the show hates it as much as I do since they seem to have dropped it completely (or maybe I've missed a scene explaining it? I've been tuning out more and more in the past few weeks).

  • The corrupt cop thing is boring the crap out of me.

  • Bringing Hallie back just to kill her off felt so manipulative and I kinda hated that entire episode.

The Americans

Married people falling in love is my favorite trope, so the whole separation thing was not working for me at all. What makes this show so riveting is the relationship between Elizabeth and Philip, and I think that splitting them up this early was a mistake. This storyline would have fit better in season 2, after their relationship had been built up and the betrayal would have cut that much deeper.

That said, I still can't wait for season 2!


I am constantly surprised that I don't hear more about this show, because it is one of only three Watch As Soon As It Comes Out shows I have (the others are Elementary and The Good Wife)

Another thing that surprises me is how much I love this show even when I dislike the main 'ship so strongly. I've grown quite fond of Olivia, especially this season, but I do not get what she sees in Fitz. He's a controlling asshole with serious boundary issues (as in: he doesn't respect hers at all) and borderline abusive (actually, often outright abusive - physically, sexually and mentally). And yet, it seems the show wants us to root for them.

I'd much rather see Olivia give Jake Ballard a real chance. Of course, he's probably going to turn out to be a truly bad guy considering my luck with this show and 'shipping.

I wish they'd do a better job of incorporating Joshua Malina into the show. I guess they're trying to give him a bigger role now as the one who betrayed them all, but I had really hoped they'd go the route of having him be the team's truth sayer.

More Quinn and Huck., please! I really didn't enjoy Quinn as the lead for this show, but now that she's been relegated more to a ensemble role, I love all her scenes - and her new apprenticeship with Huck.

The Good Wife

While I love the idea of Alicia and Cary going off and doing their thing, I'm not all that happy about how it played out in the finale.

The reason being that I have come to really loathe Peter. And not because I think he has gotten worse, but because his very presence ruins Alicia for me. I just cannot wrap my head around any sort of world where she would want to be with a man who slept with other women - prostitutes no less! - lied to her for years and ruined the life she once had. The only good thing that came out of it was that she could build a new life of her own, without him. AND THEN SHE INVITES HIM INTO HER NEW LIFE? Say what? Does not compute.

Anyway, Alicia saying that the kiss opened up something for her and she didn't know how to close it? Well, I think Cary's new firm is her way of trying to close it. Needless to say I'm not happy about this.

Saw an article that gives me a lot of hope that the show runners are heading in my direction, but I'm still afraid that Alicia is heading away from me. I do NOT want another season of this limbo nonsense. Either have her leave Peter before the new season starts or go all in and have him move back in so that she can finally wake up to what the fuck she's doing and dump his ass for good.

(Of course, if he moves back in to stay, I'm not sure my disgust might not lead me to quit the show altogether. Ugh, Peter.)

Orphan Black

This show has gotten so gooooood. Like, the first episode was okay, but I wasn't too sure about Tatiana Maslany. However, with every episode since the pilot she's gone from clarity to clarity.

This last episode is where I went from the "so wrong it's right" school of thought to just straight up '"shippin' it!" when it comes to Paul/Sarah. The way he leaned into her when she came to his rescue was like 'shipping catnip to me. More please!

House of Cards

I finally got a Netflix account (for Arrested Development, natch!) and started watching this show last night. I'm currently on episode 8 and LOVING IT.

Almost every single person on this show is despicable, but that's part of what makes it so compelling.
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