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Awful Friday

Some guy just stole my car at knifepoint. Middle of the day and everything. I was just coming home after doing some shopping, had just taken the bag out of the trunk and he came right up to me, told me he wanted my car and showed me a knife he was holding. Honestly, it mostly felt unreal (the shaking and crying came later).

It felt like an out of body experience. I remember seeing the knife and thinking "I wonder how it feels to be stabbed?"

Even as he was getting in and starting the car, I was hauling out my cell phone and calling the police. He drove off. But while I was on the phone with the 112 operator, he had turned around and came racing back the other way (there is a lot of construction around my neighborhood, with roads closed, and my suspicion is that he simply couldn't find his way out).

The cops came within minutes, and took my description, sent out an APB and within 15 minutes or so, they had caught him.

So all's well that ends well, I guess? I got my car back, there was no damage to it and the cops didn't need to keep it for evidence or anything.

After they took the complete statement and stuff, I went up to my apartment with my shopping bag (which the guy let me take out of my car for some reason before holding me up, WTF?), which contained my new cell phone that I had just bought. And don't think my brain went "thank goodness, he didn't take my new phone" as he was driving away in my car. Because apparently in a crisis situation my priorities are completely out of whack?

And it wasn't until later that I started wondering why he didn't ask for my purse or money or anything. Just the car keys. Maybe these days, with debit cards and credit cards being used so much, they don't even bother? They must know the cards will be canceled before they even make it to a store.

Anyway, I'm fine, just a little shaken up and still - to be honest - in a state of disbelief. I'm going to go to my parents for dinner, I think I need to be around people right now.

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