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It's been a loooong time since I updated. I'm not even sure why since I have been watching tons of stuff and have had things to say about them. I think the problem is just that it eventually got to be so much that it just felt overwhelming to post about it. So I figured I'd start writing and see how long I can go before get tired of it.

Returning Shows

The Amazing Race
I was kind of sad to see the Vegas showgirls or whatever go home because despite their rocky start, I was enjoying their racing. But it was not to be. Now I'm meh about most of them. I guess the snowboarders/surfers/whoever they are that have been first for the past three legs in a row are as good a team as any to root for. I like it when people are competent and show skill on this show and they're pretty much the only ones who do.

I'm just happy to watch any episode of this show, but when they bring the kind of brilliance that they did last week, I'm over the moon. More of that, please!

Criminal Minds
I was so ready to give up on this show last season, but then I heard the spoilers that JJ and Emily were returning and I figured I'd stick around for a while. But I think the trust has just been completely broken at this point. Any show that pulls that kind of idiotic stunt and then goes "oops, guess you wanted female characters after all" have shown just what they think of female characters and really characters in general. Apparently characters are not the point here, plot is. And that's not the kind of TV show I'm interested in watching.

Also, Rossi's uselessness is just laughable at this point.

Downton Abbey
Oh Mary! Sometime in the middle of the first season, this show might as well have changed its name to The Mary Crawley Hour for all I cared. And this season has just been wonderous as far as she's concerned. I so want Matthew to come to his senses, not so much because I 'ship them, but because I want Mary to get what she wants. I mean, I do 'ship them, I just don't see Matthew's side of the 'ship that much. But as Mary goes, so goes my nation.

Also, considering how much I disliked Edith by the end of season 1, I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying her now. Okay, so the start of the season was a tough slog, what with the whole married man thing and then the attitude, but her stint taking care of the soldiers has made me see her in a whole new light.

As far as Sybil goes, I've never really been all that bowled over by her as a character, I find her a bit mousy and just not assertive enough. I think I liked her better in season 1, but I don't know if I'm remembering that correctly... Anyway, I'm really glad I didn't get too invested in her or the Sybil/Branson 'ship, because the last few episodes have pretty much killed any sort of interest I had in them. Ugh.

I get the general sense that people think this show is much better off without Peter, but I disagree. I mean, the reason I'm loving it so much right now is because he is missing and every episode you notice things and are told things and you think about how that is affected by Peter's absence. I'm not so sure I care about Peter/Olivia, but Peter as a character and Peter's place in the story? That's what's making this season work for me.

Can't wait to see what's going to happen now that he's back. I mean, obviously the universe didn't right itself, but things have to start bleeding through even more now, right? Or is this the timeline going forward? Is he just going to have to work his way back into the team? I can't wait to find out!

The Good Wife
This show is always good, but I feel like I'm not as into it as I have been in previous seasons. And I think it's because I feel very disconnected from Alicia. I don't know what it is, but I feel like she's less approachable than she has been in previous seasons. Maybe it's this whole sex kitten thing they've got going that just doesn't work for me. Whatever it is, I hope it works itself out soon.

Happy Endings
I've enjoyed this show more this season than last. Especially the last few episodes of season 1 fell incredibly flat for me. But they've been doing well getting things back on track so far, I must say.

How I Met Your Mother
I watched all of season 6 at the end of the season and they did a credible enough job of salvaging the show after the disaster that was season 5. However, this season I'm just feeling more and more disconnected from the characters. Robin used to be my favorite and right now it feels like no character is my favorite. They're all just...there. I don't care anymore.

And the whole mother meeting debacle is getting ridiculous. No, sorry, it got ridiculous around season 3. Now it's just stupid.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I've enjoyed most of this season, but I kind of hated Frank's Brother. Get it back to the fun group shenanigans and stop focusing on Frank. That never does the show any good.

Parks and Recreation
I always love this show, but I'm a bit worried about Leslie running for office, because won't that take her away from Parks and Rec? Where will that leave the show?

Last season I figured that if they had to break up Leslie and Ben, that was a pretty good way of doing it, since it felt very in character. But now I'm starting to resent the fact that it feels like they only went with this storyline because they wanted to break up Ben and Leslie. Because I'm starting to feel like Leslie has to lose the election (probably due to a revelation about Ben), but Leslie losing an election just isn't part of my P&R reality. Like, she's so awesome that if she ran for something she'd win it. Through sheer force of will, if necessary.

What is she running for anyway? I can't remember. Not mayor, right?

Project Runway
I've been kind of mellow about this season because it has been less awful than a lot of the past few seasons. But I'm really annoyed with it right now because I have no interest in anyone else's clothes but Anya's. She's the only one of the designers who has taste, a point of view and talent. Her collection is the only one I'm interested in. So what's the point if everyone else is so average (or awful. JOSHUA, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.)?

Eh, whatever, it'll be over soon.

New Shows
Keepers (aka The Ones I'm Still Watching)

Hart of Dixie
This one is in the keeper pile because I haven't quit it yet. I'm pretty sure I will soon, though, because Rachel Bilson isn't enough of a reason to stick around, no matter how much chemistry she has with her neighbor. And I kind of hate the "main" 'ship. You know, the one you can spot them setting up from a mile away. With the lawyer. So. Freakin'. Boring.

(Also, I can't even be bothered to learn people's names. Yep, pretty sure this will be a goner by Christmas if not sooner.)

I wasn't too big a fan of the pilot. It was too gloom and doom and I just couldn't see myself getting obsessed. That still holds true, because my obsessions have to come with a healthy dose of humor, but I will say that the second episode upped my investment in the show substantially and now I'm totally on board.

I think that they will play the "has he been turned or hasn't he" game up to the very end of the season. I've been thinking about it and I've realized that for me, the most interesting resolution will be that he actually was turned, but that this time spent with his loved ones will make him rethink things when it's time for his terrorist mission. I have a hard time figuring out how else they could play this and make the show interesting. And let's not even talk about how to make season 2 interesting.

(Okay, so I guess another scenario could be that he let his captors think that he'd been turned, and now isn't sure who he can trust. But that makes him too much of a superhero and less of a real flesh and blood man, which I would find incredibly boring.)

New Girl
I'm not sure I've got a good grip on this show yet. It alternately annoys and charms me. I think the biggest stumbling block I have with the show is Jess. I know she's supposed to be quirky, but she's like cutesy quirky instead of fun quirky and a lot of the time she just grates on me. I'm hoping they tone down the character. If not, I probably won't stick around for long.

Pan Am
I really enjoyed the pilot a lot, it was my second favorite from this season's crop, but since then, I feel like the show's been idling. Or else whatever I found interesting about it could only hold my interest for one episode.

I hope I get hooked on something soon, because I really was looking forward to a bit of mid-air fluff this season.

Prime Suspect
I'm mostly watching this because I loved the Helen Mirren version. This I don't love. It has its moments, but a lot of the time I'm bored.

Also, Maria Bello's neck freaks me the fuck out!

Sooooo my favorite new show. It's so soapy and fun! And yet it feels like it has heart, which I feel is missing from a lot of the shows this season.

I can't wait to see all the havoc that Emily will wreak on those bastards who stole her life.

The only cloud on the horizon that I can see is that I just don't get how they could sustain this over several seasons without it becoming forced and stupid. But I think at least this first season will be great, so bring it on!

I'm at least one episode behind, but I will catch up, if only for the cast. And right now that's pretty much what it is. There is a little too much going on, yet not enough to interest me.

Here's hoping it gets more exciting soon! I saw some reactions to the next episode after the last one I watched and people seemed to think it was a bit of a game changer. So I guess there's hope.

My favorite new comedy, actually! I totally wasn't expecting that, I thought it'd be one of the ones I'd actually heard about beforehand. This one just sneaked its way to the top spot. Okay, so it was a bit by default since none of the other comedies are really doing it for me, but it's still fun and cute and I'm totally in it for the long haul. ("The long haul" being "until it gets canceled or until I tire of it".)

Up All Night
I want to like this so much, but it's just not clicking for me. It has its moments, but the show as a whole hasn't gelled yet. I feel like it can't really decide on its tone. Is it going to be embarrassment humor or just warm-hearted fun? I know I vote for the latter, but the former still has had a strong showing in these early episodes. I hope they veer more towards the warm-hearted family-and-friends stuff.

Non-Keepers (aka The Ones I Gave Up on After an Episode or Two)

2 Broke Girls
I actually liked the pilot, thought it was funny. And then I watched the second episode and the only thought running through my head was: "What. The. Hell. Was. I. Thinking?" Oh my god, the amount of suck was just astounding! So much stupidity packed into one little episode. Needless to say, I have not returned.

Charlie's Angels
This was hands down the WORST pilot I have ever seen in my life. I would have turned it off five minutes in if it wasn't for the rapt fascination I felt that something could actually be THAT BAD. The acting! The casting! The story! The plot! All equally awful! It was really quite amazing how wrong they got absolutely everything.

The first five minutes were pretty fun, but as soon as she found enlightenment, things went to yawn pretty quickly. I'm going to say what I think Ron Swanson would say here: I'm just not on board for that kind of hippy-dippy crap. If people like that, to each their own I guess, but I'm going to avoid it on my TV at all cost.

Person of Interest
I had to search the memory bank for quite some time before I remembered just what this was about (had I not looked at my trusty online TV schedule I would have forgotten it completely). Unless I hear amazing things, this one can go back to oblivion for all I care.

The Secret Circle
I thought it was pretty boring and I have not regretted for one second not going back for more. Considering the fact that I can't even bring myself to watch Vampire Diaries despite having lasted for eight episodes, despite the praise that's heaped on it and despite the fact that I own the season 1 DVDs, I don't think I'll ever watch another episode of this.

Terra Nova
Could have been interesting. Certainly showed some promise in the first part of the pilot. But then they actually got to Terra Nova and boredom set in. If you can't even make dinosaurs interesting, then what good are you?

Forgettable is more like it. The only thing that stands out very clearly about this show for me is that I hated the way the did the "total recall" sessions. So stupid and overdramatic.

The really scary thing here? I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a couple of shows/pilots.

Other things what I have watched

I was trying to hold out on this since we're translating it, but then I reached episode 7 and I just couldn't take it anymore. And I actually think it helped because the language is very stylized and when you're focusing on grammar and spelling and crap, it's easy to lose the nuance of what they mean.

Anyway, I enjoyed it tons. But I suspect I'll alienate half my flist when I say that I'm more on board the Jenna/Matty train than the Jake/Jenna one. In the beginning I liked Jake better, but the further into the season I got, the more frustrated I got with his cheating ways until I finally landed in the Matty camp.

I guess we'll just have to see what season 2 will bring.

Raising Hope
I watched the first season in a marathon and enjoyed it quite a bit. But as I've been watching week to week, my interest has faded fast. I think I may take a break and then marathon when the mood strikes me.

Rookie Blue
I watched both seasons in about three days, so my retention of events and stuff is not that great. But I watched it because of crackers4jenn's Sam/Andy obsession, and she did not overstate the glory of the 'ship. It was pretty freakin' amazing. Of course, now it's been a few weeks since I watched and I've all but forgotten that the show existed, so...

Okay, I think I've used up ALL THE WORDS now. Sorry about the word vomit and if you struggled through all that, I'm truly sorry. Cookie?
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  • 'Tis the season

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