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I'm at work and while we're on hiatus from translating The Daily Show, I feel it's my obligation (MY OBLIGATION, I TELL YOU!) to keep up with what's happening on the show so I'll be on top of my game once it starts back up in September. Which is why I watched last night's episode first thing when I came to work. So here's the question: Good employee or BEST. EMPLOYEE. EVER? I think we all know the answer to this.

Of course, it's my last week before my vacation and there's not much happening right now, so I'm feeling particularly slackerish (and not very guilty about it either. If it was busy, I'd work. Since it's not, I'm okay with goofing off. And hey, speaking of goofing off, does anyone play the app Wordfeud? 'Cause so far I'm only playing against one person and I need MOOORE so I can waste even more time at work. I'm jackall if anyone wants to play.)

KDRAMAS! Oh god, I love it so much right now. (Once I've exhausted the good crop again, I'm sure I'll burn out on the mediocre ones in no time, but for right now: LOVE.)

Myung Wol the Spy
How cute is this? I honestly need this to have finished its run already so that I can just mainline it, because it's hitting all my kinks (fake relationships! action! kick-ass lady spies! etc!) and it's so pretty as well. I can't wait for this thing to really get going (hopefully in this week's episodes. Crossing my fingers that there are subs ready for episode 3 when I get home).

I don't know what it is about this drama, but I feel like all the characters are positioned correctly, BUT THEN THEY DO ALL THE WRONG THINGS. Why do the storylines suck when it could be so damn awesome? And it's not just the skeevy teacher obsession, it's pretty much everything. I heard that the ratings were tanking, so to bolster them, they decided to pile on the angst and can I just say? Worst. Decision. Ever. This show should be light and fun and breezy, and instead they're bogging it down with all this manufactured (and at the same time - SKEEVY) angst.

Meh, Dream High did it better. That's the tone the show should be aiming for. They need to focus on the musical if this thing is ever going to get interesting.

Romance Town
I watched episodes 18-19 last night, and if I wasn't just one episode short of finishing this puppy, I'd throw my hands up in the air in disgust and call it quits right now. I just...I don't even GET IT. What is going on? Why is this thing so nonsensical and weird? Why is everyone in this drama such a raving lunatic/asshole? I was going to say "except the two leads", but then Gun Woo up and leaves her?! I never even understood why! Like, there is nothing about the progression of the drama or the character that would suggest he would do this except for the fact that it was episode 19 and the writers needed to manufacture some angst. I'm so ready for the subs for the final episode to come out so I can just put this thing to bed (or better yet, bury it in an unmarked grave).

Haha, I just keep raggin' on these dramas, you'd never know I'm actually enjoying my second Summer of Drama A TON. Let's fix that by talking about my great love this summer:

City Hunter
My love for this drama is endless. Not only is it my favorite drama this year, it's my favorite show this year, PERIOD. And that includes Parks & Rec. Like, if anyone ever needs an introduction to kdramas, this has got to be the go-to drama. It's got an arc - and an intriguing one at that! - excellent acting, fabulous characters, LEE MIN HO, as well as the regular trappings of kdramas (though the love square is practically non-existent, weirdly enough, considering how it was set up from the very beginning).

And if this latest development with the president plays out the way I'm hoping it will, it's going to be awesome and tie together so much in the final episodes (only four left! *sob*).

I think the flashback in last week's episode showed that Jin Pyo did recognize the president in that meeting, which would mean that if he knew about Yoon Sung not being Moo Yul's kid, kidnapping the child finally makes sense! Until last week, I'd sort of written the whole babynapping thing off as one of those nonsensical things that you just have to accept when you watch certain shows (and not just dramas), but now they're actually making sense of it! I love this show! And it also makes sense of how he could kidnap his best friend's wife's child when she'd just lost her husband - because how could he not be resentful of her for having a child with the man who then colluded to have his best friend (and him) killed? And if Moo Yul stepped in and married her after she was already pregnant, that makes the betrayal by the president even worse.

So, Jin Pyo kidnaps the president's son in order to mold him and make him kill his own father. This explains so much about the way he treated him in Thailand. But I don't think Yoon Sung was deluded in thinking that the only person his father cares about is him. And at the same time, Jin Pyo caring about him is probably something that he actively fights against, and he probably tries to write it off as needing to protect the person who is the key to his vendetta.

My absolute favorite outcome to this storyline would be if Yoon Sung is driven to the point of killing the president (preferably not knowing he's his father), but something goes wrong and Jin Pyo dies saving him. That would be so emotionally satisfying for me.

Of course, the only flaw in that is that it would mean that Yoon Sung would have to descend even further into despair, and right now, his journey is the least interesting to me. I'm sorry, but newsflash: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DIE. And you being all sacrificing and depressing while going to meet your death is not going to keep me riveted to the screen. What will keep me riveted is CUTENESS OVERLOAD with you and Kim Na Na. And also? HOT ACTION SCENES I need more cuteness before the final showdown. NEEEEEEED. Episode 17 had better deliver! (Because after that, I think they need all the screen time they can get to tie up everything.)

And speaking of Kim Na Na: HOW SO AWESOME? How much do I love her? (Answer: tons and tons and TONS.) Like, how amazing is it that she loves him so much that when he asks her to be the strong one and let go, SHE DOES! In the coffee shop scene, when she's brushing him off (for his sake), I'm just in awe of her, and the way she is being written. I didn't think it was possible for any female on television to be written this way - as someone who's in control of her emotions. Sure, she falls in love with someone she didn't think she'd fall in love with, but she isn't ruled by those emotions, love just make her even better. How is it possible that a female character such as this exists on my TV screen?! And in a kdrama, no less!

Okay, so she breaks down and asks him to at least give them a chance later on, but I don't see that as her losing control of her emotions, but rather a desperate attempt to clue Yoon Sung in to the idea that he doesn't have to die, that there is hope. It's basically her trying to save his life, not their relationship.

I also started watching Joseon X-Files last night, but I fell asleep 15 minutes in. No reflection on the drama, it was just after midnight and I didn't sleep much the night before. I'm watching it because I've heard positive things, but what I really want right now is a drama that satisfies my id. Like, a totally 'shippy, fun romp with a dash of angst (why hasn't Myong Wol the Spy finished airing again! It looks like it'd fit the bill perfectly!)

I haven't uploaded icons to my Scrapbook for ages. I think I'll do that when I get home. Just as a note: if you're ever interested in any of my icons, just steal them from my userpic page, or you could be in for a looooooong wait.
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