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man plans, the flying spaghetti monster laughs

I worked all weekend, and yesterday I'd about reached my limit so I told my boss that I was going to "sort of" take today off (only doing the bare minimum, like delivering files and answering emails). HAHAHAHA! Forgive me while I wipe away my tears of indescribable horror at not having had a day off for 11 days straight laughter.

Just out of curiosity I counted up the number of emails I'd written today at four thirty. OVER 80! And that was just the emails. WHY IS THIS MY LIFE?!

Needless to say, I worked more than eight hours today anyway and I'm so ready for the weekend to come, you have no idea.

I haven't really been finishing many Dramas lately (except for my rewatch of Coffee Prince. It was even better this time around, and the pacing issues are solved by just FF-ing through all the boring stuff), but I've started plenty. I've started keeping track of them in this sticky!post. I figure you guys were probably getting sick of my All Drama All the Time posts. =)

The newest Firefox release (?) is screwing with my LJ log-in, but only when it comes to Scrapbook, so posts to acapaday have been spotty lately (my album for that is private and since I can't log in I just see the public albums).

It wasn't until last night that I realized that I could access Scrapbook with Chrome. Which is a pain, but better than nothing, I guess, until either Firefox or LJ rights itself.

Now I just have to figure out if I have the energy to do some capping for a cap game tomorrow...
Tags: tv: kdramas, wah-wah-wah poor is me, work

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