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Since I'm not making icon posts any more, I'm also not getting any feedback. And sometimes I miss it! So I participated in an icon meme:

Personally, my biggest problem with my icons is lack of originality. I keep iconing the same caps over and over (I just want an icon I love from a cap I love! But still - BORING). I feel like I'm never doing anything new, just the same old thing over and over (with varying results).

I'm sick. And it's like the worst week ever for me to be sick (pre-EMA programs with short deadlines that have to be done immediately), but I'm still staying home tomorrow to work. May not be the best for getting work done, but I need to not be at work when I'm feeling like this.

I thought I'd find myself some downloads of the new Emma mini series and really just wallow in my misery.

Two things I've loved lately:

  1. LJ's Note feature. I used to have the Greasemonkey script that basically did the same thing, but with this feature it doesn't just work on one of my computers, but all of them, and any other I might use. Score!

  2. VLC Player. Now, I know everyone's been raving about this player for years, but I've always preferred Zoom Player (for its playlist function, mostly). Well, I finally found something I love it for: IT REMOVES REGION ENCODING ON DVDs!!! I can switch between region 1 and 2 with impunity! This is so awesome, I can't even tell you. Now if the capping function was only a bit better (though the frame-by-frame stepping thing has already improved it by a factor of a about a million!) (Caveat: According to VLC developers, they can't guarantee that it removes region encoding, but it'll try!)

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