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Now isn't that just lovely and normal

(Just a few of my favorite moments. More extensive picspams have been done elsewhere.)

Yes, we cane.

That's how Sue Cs it.

Now isn't this just lovely and normal.

Boy, the only thing missing from this place is a couple of dozen bodies, limed and rotting under the floor boards.

I'll often yell at homeless people: "Hey, how's that homelessness working out for ya'? Give not being homeless a try, huh?"

*loves Sue*

I just can't bring myself to care about this triangle of doom. Two people in it are pretty vile, and if you're stupid enough to believe the whole hot tub thing, I'm thinking you deserve whatever you get.

As much as I think Will is right about the others needing more confidence, I'm on Rachel's side in this. He does do everything and anything for everyone else. But he's not willing to switch Rachel to lead vocals on a song that she really wants because what? He has to prove he's right? So in order to make the others feel like somebodies, he totally ignores the star. No wonder she left.

These caps make me smile and smile. =) (Even though I don't want them together right now.)

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