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Well, it seems my experiment failed. Not because I didn't have anything happy-making happen yesterday, but because I feel asleep at nine freakin' thirty! A day of shopping just simply whiped me out. Shopping which, incidentally, provided me with my happy moment...

Happy Day 6: I found a holder for round cotton pads! Okay, so this might not seem like such a happy moment to most, but I've been looking for one since this summer, and while I used to see holders all the damn time about two years ago when I wasn't looking for one, it seems that since then they've simply stopped making them. Man, I think I've looked in every supermarket, IKEA, DIY and bath accessories store in the greater Stockholm area and come up empty. I made one last-ditch attempt at IKEA yesterday and - yay! - found one.

Happy Day 7: I was clearing some space on my external hard drive, going through and deleting files, and I found the modernized remake of Much Ado About Nothing that I downloaded several months ago and promptly forgot about. Yay, something I really want to watch at a time when I have free time!

Slightly delayed, here are the answers to Friday's cap game. Only number 6 wasn't identified correctly.

01. Lola rennt

02. Secretary

03. Shaun of the Dead

04. Serenity

05. When Harry Met Sally...

06. Silence of the Lambs

07. The Godfather

08. The Virgin Suicides

09. Atonement

10. Ever After

11. Grease 2

12. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

13. Heart and Souls

14. Little Miss Sunshine

15. Mean Girls

16. Pump Up the Volume

17. Rushmore

18. Batman

19. The Usual Suspects

20. Some Kind of Wonderful

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