September 25th, 2006

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Timing is everything

Earlier today I said to myself, "Self, what would be a better time to try to get into some of last season's shows than the eve before the big premiere week?" I couldn't come up with anything better, and so I went and found myself full seasons of Big Love and Supernatural. Supernatural is chugging along at steady clip, but Big Love? Finished in 55 minutes. Now, we're talking 12 episodes at 350 MB each. I basically just sat there with my mouth open during the entire time (it was going so fast that I really couldn't do much with my computer because most of the system resources were devoted to that one task).

I really decided to find myself something new because I'm just not feeling the Everwood love right now. I'm six episodes into season 3 and not caring too much about Amy/Ephram means I'm mostly bored. I had hoped that Hannah arriving might liven things up, but no luck so far. Bright is a delight, though, I like him.

While I'm really hoping and praying that the VM sneak peek of the season premiere makes it to a torrent site near me (or perhaps a friend's journal?), I still haven't decided whether or not to watch it. At first I was thinking, "of course I'll watch it", but this last week I've been getting more and more hesitant. First of all, watching it early means an even longer wait until the second episode, but I'm also betting that the quality will be less than stellar. (Unless the quality is superb I'm going to wait until premiere week to cap it, that much I've already decided.)

So, a poll!

Poll #829186 VM sneak peek

Will you be watching?

Haven't decided yet
Wait, wait, wait, WHAT SNEAK PEEK?!

In the end, I'll probably watch it, the lure of all those reaction posts are bound to become too much.

Oh, I capped a couple more VM episodes: NPBiaC and Ahoy, Mateys!. Also, the deleted scenes on disc 2.
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