December 11th, 2004

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Free programs to use and love

This is a list of free programs that are always downloaded onto any new computer I get. And some that aren't even mine. *g*

  • Adobe Reader - For all those pdf documents that clutter up the ether.

  • AOL IM - Chatting program extraordinaire!

  • BitTornado - Favorite BitTorrent client right now.

  • Core FTP Lite - Free FTP client to upload all those pesky screencaps to Photobucket.

  • Cue Maker - Maybe not the most widely used program, but a godsend when you download a .bin file and find the .cue file missing or corrupted.

  • Firefox - My favorite Internet browser. Now if I could only find all my e-mail passwords I could start using Thunderbird too.

  • K-Lite Codec Pac - Best codec pac I've found so far, it's never let me down. This is uploaded to my own space, so you need to right-click & save.

  • Semagic - My favorite LJ client. And it's also useful for easy formatting of html. And coolness, I just noticed there are direct links for inserting all my friends and communities into a post in the task bar.

  • Titlevision 2000 - This is the free version of the subtitling program I use. As far as I can tell it does not have video cache capabilities, but it's perfectly serviceable for proof-reading and the like. And yes, I realize I'm the only one who cares about this one. =)

  • TorrentSpy - Great for finding out if a torrent file is still active, and how many uploaders/downloaders there are. When you install the program, open it and go to the "System" tab and activate the right-click option. That way you can right-click on any torrent file and bring up TorrentSpy that way.

  • VCD Gear - Converts .mpg files into VCDs (or SVCDs) and vice versa. Also converts .bin/.cue files into .mpg.

  • Wallpaper manager from - I can never decide which wallpaper I like best so this is the best solution. This program lets you load up as many wallpapers as you like and have them change as often as you like. I set mine to 30 minutes so every time I look at my desktop it's a different image.

  • WinZip - For unzipping files.

  • WordWeb - Install and look up the definition and synonyms of any word by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+Alt+W.

  • Zoom Player - A media player that I use mostly because it's the one I've always used. I like that you can have multi-mediatype playlists as I like to transition directly from TV episodes into my song playlist.

While I'm at it...

Favorite Firefox Extensions

  • Deepest Sender - For posting to LiveJournal. But I still mostly use Semagic.

  • ForecastFox - Weather forecast in your browser.

  • FoxyTunes - Allows you to control media players from Firefox. One thing that annoys me is that Ctrl+Arrow down opens your default player. I have to check if I can disable that one.

  • Gmail Notifier - Checks your gmail account every 15 minutes for new mail. I only wish it handled multiple accounts.

  • Image Toolbar - For single-clicking to save images.

  • Single Window - Links that would otherwise open in a new window open in a new tab.

  • Super Bible Toolbar - Just found this one, and it might seem a surprising choice for an agnostic, but you wouldn't believe how often I have to search the Bible for work. I hope this will help speed that up.

  • Don't actually have this one, but it sounds fun: Homeland Security Threat Level - So you can always be aware how much danger you're in. Dum-da-dum-dum! ;-)

See? This is what happens when I wake up at four am on a Saturday and I've got nothing to do while I'm waiting for JoA.
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