November 11th, 2004

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Putting my pimping hat on.

I recently left gg_icons because I didn't really like the rules. Too hard to remember one set of different rules when you're a member of 40+ communities.

So, to fill the void I created a new Gilmore Girls icon community: gilmore_squares. Tell your friends! *g*

And on a related note: how do you put up a header when you have a free account? And please remember, I'm html illiterate, so if you can tell me how to do it - speak slowly and use only small words.

Wow, I'm surprisingly nervous about this. I've never started a community before, I wonder if anyone will join...
αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy

Meet me in Montauk

I finally got around to capping my ESotSM DVD, so there are shiny new caps. Plus, caps of The Day After Tomorrow and The Cutting Edge. Capping all those in the same day made for some weirdness, let me tell you. And speaking of weirdness, is Donnie Darko, The Director's Cut different enough to warrant another cap session? BTW, how sad is it that I've had this for at least a month and still haven't watched it?

The things you learn when you're capping are numerous. Did you, for instance, know that Locke is Kate's dad?

To round off this capping extravaganza, I also uploaded two episodes of DLM, two of Farscape, three of JoA and two of WaT. Plus a few caps of the Daily Show Election Special.

Yay for procrastinate-y tendencies!


A while ago, when tlace posted her resource post, I found some pretty cool font links. They're linked in my resource post, but I really like these and thought some other people would find them useful too:

  • WhatTheFont is a web site where you can upload an image of a font and it will tell you what font it is, or at least give you a similar-looking font.

  • FontBrowser lets you browse all the fonts you have on your own hard drive. I actually find it easier to go through fonts here than in Photoshop, because it's easier to see. Though not all fonts seem to show up. Or maybe I just have a lot of very weird fonts. In fact, I know I do.

  • Free Fonts has all the most common fonts available for download. Fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Futura, Garamond, etc. A godsend when stupid Windows won't give you all the fonts you're used to anymore. Since when is Times New Roman not a standard font, I ask you?

And speaking of fonts, I've become obsessed with really simple, clean sans serif fonts like Arial - only not quite so common. Do you guys have any favorites? And do you have links, mayhaps? *g*

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who joined gilmore_squares! /surreptitious pimp
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