October 31st, 2004

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Happy Halloween!

So, I found this new polaroid brush, and I love it so much I even made a new header and changed my layout. I've been wanting to do something new for awhile, and it's always best to do these things when you have a ton of work to do. *facepalm*

Not really pleased with some of the images, but the good part is that now I can just change the small images as I see fit. Wee, new header every week! As if! It took me months of dissatisfaction (where I even did a major layout change) before I changed from the O-ren one.

I finished watching The West Wing season 4. Okay, did I just imagine an episode where Sam won the election? I thought that was why he didn't come back to the White House. I'm so confused, because I didn't see or hear anything like that.

It's really sad, because I can't think of a single thing more to write. Except for political ranting, but I think you've all had your fill of that. If you're interested, I really enjoyed all of these posts that I read earlier today. Well, you know, "enjoyed" as in "filled me with deep dark rage at times", but still...
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