October 28th, 2004

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Oh my god, the humanity!

I came across some user icons today that just left me flabbergasted. The icons were made by crackers4jenn and tlace. Not that you'd notice from the way they looked.

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Other than that I haven't done much today - I took the day off and just trolled LJ and uploaded caps. I now have 6 GB of images in my Photobucket account. Those guys must hate me so much. But part of those 6 GB is the newest Veronica Mars episode. I went a wee bit cap-happy and had to upload over 400 caps.

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In my infinite wisdom I deleted the first two episodes of Veronica Mars without saving them to CD (I didn't have any at the time) and I've since realized I may actually want to keep them all, so I'm attempting to re-download them. Looks like they're going strong. Stronger than episode 5 that I downloaded earlier, even.

Mayhaps the Lost torrent is available now. I shall look-see...

Nope! But can I tell you how happy I am to be able to download the Daily Show? CNN does broadcast it in Europe, so I can watch it, it's just that it comes on at 1 am (at least last time I watched) and I just can't seem to remember to watch.

My reaction to the Secret Service paying anniesj a visit? God, I hope you turned off your e-mail notification! And also, what asshat would report something like that?
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