October 17th, 2004

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The slightly evil OTP of choice

So, I think I'm going to catch up on Farscape because I only have Bad Timing left to watch. And I'm going to watch it right now. I also think I'm going to try to sleep for a few hours so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5 am, which is the earliest I can imagine the mini to be released. Well, might be an hour earlier if they split it into two, but I don't really expect to find it as early as 5 even.

All this Farscape watching has made me itching to make icons, but it's like I'm a total klutz or something. I just can't get anything to work. I made three different versions of this Sikozu/Scorpy icon and I'm still not happy with any of them. I think I need to step away from Photoshop. Though I have been away all week, so maybe it's the other way around.

Can you tell I'm tired? I'm all rambly.

Spent most of the morning trying to figure out why installing a Windows update would remove a .dll file. Then installing a service pack to see if that would fix the problem, only to have the computer completely frelled up. Remind me never to update Windows again, okay? I spent most of the afternoon restoring the settings and downloading newer versions of programs it had screwed up. And as a side note - love the new Firefox. Much better with images and downloads. And I added a calendar extension so I can keep track of everything I download. I have this deep and abiding love for calendars, I usually have three or four different calendars going at once. This one has alarms and notifications and everything.

Okay, so off to watch the finale I go. Does anyone want me to post the torrent for the mini when I find it?
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