October 13th, 2004

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Dammit all, I overslept! Which means the GG torrent is taking for-freakin'-ever!

Sleeping might not have been such a bad thing, because I have to go to Gothenburg today with my mother to pick up a car. Which means ten hours in a car, half the time driving alone. But! I want to watch GG before I go or I'll have to wait ten more hours. And the torrent just will not download any quicker. It's driving me up the wall.

Not to mention I had to rush out (after a five minute shower) to re-park my car so as not to get a ticket (cleaning day. Of course they only clean every fifth time or so, but they'll give you a ticket no matter what). So there I go, hair dripping wet, only to find that I had to scrape the windows. Which is like the last thing I want to be doing since my hair is already turning into icicles.

Now I just want the torrent to finish so I can watch the episode real quick before I have to leave. Hurry, hurry, hurry....

Since I didn't get to do this earlier but am posting anyway:

VCD and .avi.
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