October 11th, 2004

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Reality shows and fangirling

I just saw torrents aplenty for something entitled The Farm. Looks like a UK show. My first reaction? "Someone actually bought that piece of crap reality show?" I mean, Expedition: Robinson (AKA Survivor) I can understand, because at least it's sorta interesting, but dude, translating The Farm is drudgery enough and I get paid to watch it.

So, does anyone want to dispell any misapprehensions I might have about what kind of show it is? Is it really a reality show about a group of people running a farm?

Last Wednesday I was all excited about a friend of mine downloading Gilmore Girls, because I loved the episode so much. On Thursday we talked again. Collapse )

So in conclusion:

I love you guys!

Now for the show I'm most excited about this week (well, that and the new GG episode tomorrow): Farscape. I had planned to rewatch seasons 3 and 4 in preparation for the mini series. I still have not gotten past Relativity. Now, my idea of "watching" usually consists of having an episode on while I work (OMG, TV overload!), at least if it's something I've seen, because then I can catch all the good bits and still get some work done. This means I may have a chance to watch a season and a half in less than a week, but I'd better get cracking.

Only six more days! Woohoo!
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