October 5th, 2004

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Wonderfalls on DVD

I've been checking Amazon regularly to see when the Wonderfalls DVDs were going to be released so I could pre-order them. I was starting to lose heart because if it wasn't up yet, I doubted it would be released in time for Christmas. Turns out I was right. But thankfully they're not cancelled, just moved to January 18th. (All according to SaveWonderfalls.com). Looks like there'll be a lot of extras too, especially considering it's just a 13 episode DVD set:

Right now, we plan on 6 episode commentaries with Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Finneran, Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller, a 20 minute documentary that includes behind the scenes footage from the production, new interviews with Todd, Bryan, Caroline and Katie (other cast members were scattered around the world working and could not make our production schedule), episode clips, outtakes, stories about shooting the show, the muses and the music.

Other segments include a gag reel and the full music video with daily footage. Of course, FOX owns the show and will utilize the material as they choose, but I know they want a great disc so hopefully everything will make it in!
--- Producer John Murphy

So looking forward to Gilmore Girls tonight.
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αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy

I think I just outed myself...

...as a Buffy fan on this mailing list I'm on for work. Someone was proof-reading and asked how to translate the Illyria quote "Wolf, Ram and Hart? In my time they were weak. Barely above the vampire." From...Shells? A Hole in the World? Whatever.

How do you deal with a problem like that? Because by the time it's hinted that the wolf, the ram and the hart are in fact the senior partners, the Swedish translator has already had time to establish that the name of the law firm (Wolfram & Hart) is not translated. So you can't say "varg, bock och hjort" because that wouldn't mean anything. I suggested the compromise of translating it into "Those three?" and explained the whole senior partner thing.

When in doubt, always vague it up - that's my motto.

The main reason I spoke up was actually because it didn't sound like they were understanding it, thinking it was word play instead of actual demons. You could tell the proof-reader didn't have a clue what was going on because he called Fred a lawyer. Yeah, not so much.

And I just realized what this means - Angel season five DVDs are coming out soon! Whoo!
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