October 2nd, 2004

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Caps. I'm so boring.

I went on a screencapping binge this morning. I capped five TV episodes (two of Veronica Mars, two of CSI: NY and one of Gilmore Girls). Then I uploaded all the caps. Plus Dawson's Creek season 3 caps (well, I finished uploading them - Photobucket broke again as I was trying to upload them the first time. I'm seriously starting to wonder if I'm the one crashing the stupid site). I finally updated my screencap post with Lost in Translation DVD caps and some other stuff I've been uploading but not editing in.

I really should get back to capping Alias soon.

I got Dawson's Creek season 3 and X-Files season 2 last week and I watched DC in a day and a half. I'd forgotten how much I hated Dawson in this season. And I'd forgotten how much I liked Pacey. I'm currently still on the first disc of X-Files, but it's no wonder with all the stuff I've been capping.

Other than that there's not much going on. And thank goodness for that because there are two new chapters of Journeys (draft) to read, and I still haven't watched last night's JoA.

Also? I need to eat. Right now.
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