September 27th, 2004

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Everything you never wanted to know

Here are my answers to the delurking questions:

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?
I was born in Malmö (waves to meko00), moved to Stockholm when I was 1½, moved to Florida for about ten years (middle school and high school) and now live less than a mile from where I moved when I was 1½.

What are your favorite three TV shows of all time (I decided it was too cruel to just ask for one)?
My favorite fandoms are the Jossverse, Farscape and the third slot is usually taken up by The X-Files, but Gilmore Girls is sneaking its way up there and my favorite comedy show bar none is Absolutely Fabulous. I can rewatch those episodes every day and not get tired of them.

Also, notice how I circumvented the question by writing "fandom"? My mama didn't raise no dummy.

What's your dream vacation? (Meaning: where would you go? Would it be an adventure trek or are you like me and would be lying face down on a beach somewhere? Any particular culture you're interested in?)
There are a few elements that are very important for me to enjoy my vacation:

  • Climate. (It must be warm and bathing is a must. Oceans are preferable, but pools will do in a pinch. Both are a bonus.)

  • Relaxation. I don't want to feel stressed out.

  • Reading. I usually bring a book for each day. Sometimes I only read a few, sometimes all. (If it's a hardcover I already have I usually buy a pocket book version that I can leave at the hotel to give me more room for all the stuff I always end up buying).

  • Cuisine. Good food is a must. Not that hard to find along the Mediterranean, so that's where I usually end up. My favorite places are Spain (tapas!) and Greece (tzatziki! Greek salad!).

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