September 10th, 2004

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Is it irrational of me to be annoyed because someone I don't like (fandomwise, since I don't actually know that person) is using one of my icons? Yeah, I thought so.

They have the first episode of Sunset Beach up on SuprNova, which I thought was hilarious for some reason, and which made me think of corngirl_jo. I also see something called Lost World there. Is that Lost, but with the wrong name, or are there actually two shows with such similar names airing?

I'm all caught up with TAR. The only episodes I haven't seen are the first few ones of season 4, but I did see the second half, so I know who wins (not that I can remember who wins, but if I saw the teams I'm sure I would).

All that TAR watching means I still haven't watched La Femme Nikita (I've seen a few episodes, but I'm just not that enamoured) or Buffy season 7. I'm thinking I can put off watching that last one indefinitely. I'm still expecting two seasons of The X-Files and one season of The West Wing, after all. I was hoping I'd see it before my friend needs to borrow it, though, but she's only up to Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 so I have a while.

Right now I'm actually going to step outside my apartment and enter the real world for once.
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