August 31st, 2004

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Happy birthday, researchminion and harmonicasylum.

I always wonder about people who write "noone". Like, why did they leave off the R at the end and why they're so obsessed with mid-day sex? Guess that shows you where my mind's at.

And also, people who reply to their own posts instead of editing. What? Huh? They do know not everyone reads the comments, right? Not to mention those who try to reply to everyone by replying to the post itself. Baffling.

I feel like I'm not getting enough of a TAR fix (shameful, I know), so I've been downloading season 2 from SuprNova. Finished that, and now season 3 is being released! Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet lately? Because I do. Endless hours of procrastination for only 50 bucks a month (or whatever it adds up to these days).

Got West Wing season 3 plus Gilmore Girls season 1 and La Femme Nikita season 1 yesterday. I'm starting with the shows I've already seen, and yesterday I watched half of the TWW disks. Is it my imagination or does it start to suck slightly towards the middle of that season? Maybe I was just tired. And I'm quite relieved as this means I can put off watching Buffy season 7 a bit longer.
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